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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Kyle's Comic Picks - November 21, 2017

I'm back everybody. Apologies for the two week break from all of this. Hannah and I were in England and trying to divest ourselves of as many writing assignments as possible, other than a movie review here or there. Boy that Justice League, what a story that turned out to be. I wrote a piece over at The Beat regarding the fallout of its financial failure at the box office, but I'm still pondering what that means for WB's cinematic future with their DC properties.

I'd be pretty sad if they scrapped the idea of more films featuring Superman or The Flash, or whatever characters they deemed not worth the financial risk vs. that of Batman and Wonder Woman...not that I'd turn down those films, absolutely to the contrary. But, the DC Universe is such a rich place, it'd be a shame if its less heralded characters were only the purview of shoddy CW productions (jfc, have you watched an episode of The Flash or Supergirl lately? I haven't even bothered with the other two atrocities, but I spend more time playing on my phone than actually looking at the screen whenever we cue up the DVR and try to dig through our 5-6 episode backlog that seems to never die down).

On the other hand, and this is where the torn-nature of my thoughts really lie, I don't want them to reboot either. I'm 34, and I really don't want to spend another decade of my life wading through another Superman origin film, or Batman, or Green Lantern or whatever character needs to get paraded through their version of the hero's journey. And I feel like audiences mostly have that same level of fatigue. Just take a look at what happened with Spider-Man....rebooted with Andrew Garfield, and the ongoing complaint was "didn't we just see this movie?", and eventually it was rebooted again. You see, the reason THAT reboot worked was because it placed Spidey into the framework of the already existing Marvel Cinematic Universe. That's not a thing that WB has the benefit of, had Spidey rebooted a third time in isolation, it's likely that it would have been again met with indifference.

Plus, Wonder Woman and maybe, provided it hits with an audience, Aquaman, complicate those matters entirely. The goodwill that would be wiped away if they were to reboot Wonder Woman would be staggering. And no, like I said in my article on Sunday, Flashpoint is EXTREMELY unlikely to happen in the wake of Justice League's anemic box office performance. Yeah, they're really going to sink another 200+ million into a second course correction film when no one cared about the first one.

No, the only way forward is to make good movies and win back goodwill. I'm gonna beat that drum until it's not possible to do so anymore.

Anyway, this week's comics!

Sherlock Frankenstein and the Legion of Evil #2 - I enjoyed the first issue of this very much, and I'm excited to crack open the second. David Rubin's art is always a pleasure, and while I don't quite think he's as great a fit as Dean Ormston, who has made for a pitch perfect fit for Lemire's scripts, he's a great secondary option. A fun mystery is building here.

Challengers of the Unknown by Jack Kirby TP - The latest in DC's very admirable attempt to get their Kirby library reprinted for the now past Centennial. Unlike the previous Mister Miracle and The Demon collections, Challengers is a lesser Kirby work, hampered by an editorial edict that seeked to tone down his dynamism (even to the point of pairing him with the very different Wally Wood on inks) and it was also one of his biggest solo works without Joe Simon...yeah, the Wood Brothers were involved to some degree, but Jack pretty much re-wrote everything they sent him. There's a good deal of proto-FF here, especially in the issue where one of the Challengers goes to space and gets a range of powers. Don't expect great comics, but an interesting artifact in the days where science heroes ruled over all just ahead of the Marvel roll-out.

Doomsday Clock #1 - I have read this issue. It's very good, very well-written and contains a number of clever ideas that highlight to even the most skeptical reader that there are still some places you could take the Watchmen universe, certainly moreso than the largely pretty bad Before Watchmen comics (all due respect to the sadly missed Darwyn Cooke, whose miniseries was the closest those books came to something that felt like it had a reason to exist). Obviously the ethics questions still exist here, and that can be debated all day long and should never be discounted, but as a comic that exists as its own work - I found it to be pretty exciting in that way that Johns' best works generally are. It's sure to be the talk of this week.

Doom Patrol #9 - It's back! Finally! I can't remember anything that happened in the previous issue except for when Casey had sex with her now humanoid cat. But that's the kind of wild ride you're in for with Doom Patrol.

Punisher: Platoon #3 - I haven't read issue #2 yet, but hope to get to it...eventually. I bet this is great though.

Slasher #5 - The latest and final issue of Chuck Forsman's intriguing exploration into violence and sexuality as per the solicit. I always dig Chuck's work, and this series has been a morbid delight. You should check that out and then pre-order the newest issue of Revenger that hits in time for Christmas.  
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