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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Kyle's Comics Picks - October 31, 2017

You guys...I saw Thor: Ragnarok last night. And let me tell you, it's awesome. I can't believe it, but Marvel finally figured out how to make Thor work on the big screen and they did it through a combination of non-stop humor (Taika Waititi has to be their most inspired directorial choice since Edgar Wright), and 80's throwback sci-fi adventure tone (think Bucakroo Banzai) and wrapping it all up in a design scheme so heavily indebted to Jack Kirby, that every crevice of Sakaar is a blast to run your eyes over. I loved it. Not sure where it ranks for me in the overall Marvel pantheon. Definitely top three, maybe the best one overall...yeah, now that I think about it, it's probably my new favorite Marvel movie.

Give or take that slight misstep with Spider-Man (just so basic, and ugh), Marvel's Phase 3 has been lights-out. It doesn't quite have the building excitement that initially jolted Phase 1, but from a film to film perspective, it's the equivalent of that period where Stan and Jack really figured things out on Fantastic Four and Thor and made them the best superhero comics of the 60's.

As for this week's comics:

Deathstroke #25 - An oversized chunk of what is surely the most consistent title DC produces right now. Christoper Priest is killing it and I'm glad they've given him the flagship book (Justice League) starting in December. Seriously, you should read this comic, it's excellent - the toil evil takes on a man. And how does one become "good" anyway?

Paper Girls #17 - This keeps coming out and I keep falling behind. But with Stranger Things Season 2 out, this is your best bet for keeping those 80's kids vibes going.

Stray Bullets: Sunshine and Roses #29 - Any week with more Lapham is a good one.

Chris Ware Monograph hc - Your big expensive purchase of the week. A career overview with a large swath of the man's work. Everybody I know is really excited about this. I hope to flip through it at the store sometime. It'd make a hell of a coffee table read.

Expansion - AdHouse books puts out the latest from Matt Sheehan and Malachi Ward. I got this at SPX and still haven't read it. That cover is great though.

Happy Halloween everybody!

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