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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Kyle's Comics Picks - August 22, 2017

Another week, and all I want to do is read old Golden Age, pre-superhero Marvel Comics. I'm loathe to admit how difficult it was for me to initially get into these as an adult reader. But I think utilizing the early art of Jack Kirby as a gateway can sort of open up that part of your brain that generally finds that kind of stuff tedious. You start to look at those old four-color illustrations less as vehicles for whatever it is Namor is doing and more for how the individual artist is attempting to stretch out the then still-nascent form. Eventually the genre experimentation starts to catch up a little bit with the quality of the illustrators, but it's never really on equal footing until Stanley Leiber came along and gave up on the idea of full-scripts and just let the artists run wild and basically compose those stories themselves whole-cloth - working off the barest minimum plot outline.

If you have Marvel Unlimited, do yourself a favor and sort through their library by publication date, and check out the years 1939-1942 or so, just to get a sense of the varying product Martin Goodman was slinging in the early days of Timely. Half the fun is just watching these guys try to figure out how to break away from the comic strip model and fill a 7 to 10 page story.

Comics history is great. 

Anyway, here's this week's comics that I'm interested in. Many comics are bad, but I think these are probably going to be good, or at least interesting:

Black Hammer #12: This is Jeff Lemire's best work, bar none. I read all of the first arc on a train to Florence, Italy and devoured them quickly, excited about what was to come. Subsequent issues have kept the momentum going, with only one fill-in by David Rubin. This is another. They're also pretty great.

Calla Cthulu: I recently started reading the work of Evan Dorkin, which beyond a stint on Agent X, was always just a name I knew from friends and my uncle's fleeting interest in Milk & Cheese. This is his and Sarah Dyer's take on what looks kind of like "Buffy vs. Cthulu", I'm sure it's much more dynamic than that of course. Beasts of Burden is a tour de force of horror narrative, and I bet this will be equally compelling.

Kamandi Challenge #8/Manhunter Special: A pair of Keith Giffen involved comics, the former is his scripted contribution to the, frankly, very hit and mostly miss tribute to the old DC Challenge series. The latter is Giffen doing layouts on a Dan DiDio/Mark Buckingham joint. Both comics are part of DC's very well appreciated Kirby 100 celebration. If Giffen is involved, I'm there. Full stop.

True Believers Devil Dinosaur/Inhumans/Nick Fury: More Kirby goodness for a buck. That Devil Dinosaur is especially wild and a favorite of mine.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #8: Archie meets the old Warren comics like Creepy and Eerie. It's the best thing they're putting out for my money. It's rare to see on the schedule, sadly, but very worth it.

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