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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

See James Franco channel Tommy Wiseau in the first teaser for THE DISASTER ARTIST

Every once in a while, all our friends get together and we watch Tommy Wiseau's The Room. I can tell you right now, it never fails to turn the room inside with laughter. From all the stuff you've seen on Youtube, to the things you probably don't remember (Wiseau's strange monologue about staying at a YMCA) to the things that were cut from the film that you can talk about later (his character was also a vampire??) - it's one of the greatest shared movie-watching experiences of my life.

And now James Franco is bringing to life the true story of the making of Wiseau's "masterpiece", based on the book by that film's co-star Greg Sestero; here's the first teaser for The Disaster Artist:

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