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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Best of the Fest: Short Films of the 2017 Atlanta Film Festival

It's that time of year again! The 2017 Atlanta Film Festival just wrapped up, and as always, there were a number of standout films, both short and feature. I'm a huge fan of short films, so I always like to highlight some of the best shorts at the festival. Please seek out and support these films and filmmakers so they can continue making unique films!

dir. Conner Griffith
Auto was easily my favorite short from the experimental block. Using long shots and time lapses, Griffith carefully crafts together a look at our relationship with the automobile in a way that is visually and aurally fascinating and totally unique. The best experimental films do something that really pushes the limits of filmmaking and force you to look at something a different way, and Auto does that exceptionally well. Luckily for all of you, you can watch the full film above to see for yourselves!

back track
dir. Virgil Widrich
It's always a pleasant surprise to be handed red/cyan 3D glasses at an experimental shorts screening! back track uses clips and voice overs from film noirs to create a "3D remix" of these kinds of stories. The images were projected onto multiple layers of glass and filmed in 3D to create a unique effect that really emphasizes the meta-textuality of the film. A joy to watch! Enjoy the making of video above, and seek out the film as it plays in other festivals!

"The Talk": True Stories About The Birds & The Bees
dir. by Alain Delannoy

This animated short takes a number of hilarious interviews with men recapping their experiences getting "The Talk" from their parents, and animates them in funny and interesting ways. The result is something eminently relatable and hysterically funny: one person recounts that as he saw the sex scene in The Terminator, he noticed something happening to him. When he asked his father why his penis was getting hard, his father simply said, "To make babies," so of course the film shows how in his mind babies, penises, and killer robots got intertwined in his mind. It was one of the funniest films of the festival, and well worth seeking out!

The Wrong End of the Stick
dir. by Terri Matthews
Facebook Page

This comedic animated short tells the story of a man who discovers he has a strange fetish for dogs. His wife, taken by surprise as she finds him humping her leg and drinking dog water, throws him out, and they both have to come to terms with this new phase in their lives. There are a lot of cleverly played funny moments, and the animation style, which impressively combines traditional animation with real life objects and settings, is extremely well done. 

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