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Monday, November 21, 2016

Best Covers of the Week, Vol. 153

Black Monday Murders #4
by Tomm Coker

I'm not sure if I've highlighted any of these covers yet, but Coker is doing some excellent cartooning and design work on them!

Cage #2
by Bruce Timm

What's the only way a 70's Luke Cage book by Genndy Tartakovsky can get better? The definitive answer: by having a cover by Bruce Timm.

Death of X #4
by Aaron Kuder

I've been a fan of Kuder's dynamic designs and bold color for a while now, and this one is certainly one of his most eye-catching.

Judge Dredd #12
by Ulises Farinas

I really like the depth and framing of this one, with the main subject only in the top corner and the the doomy foreshadowing in the foreground.

Lake of Fire #4
by Matt Smith and Nathan Fairbairn

The depth and use of lighting here are really nice; the way they use the shadowy foreground to separate the characters from the foggy background is pretty beautiful.

Star Wars: Han Solo #5
by Mike Del Mundo

They've done an excellent job with these Millennium Falcon variants, and this one is no exception. A great but simple concept and bold coloring by the amazing Del Mundo make this one a standout!

Wonder Woman #11
by Jenny Frison

Frison knocks another cartooning marvel out of the park! Great detail, stirring emotion, and close-up framing make this one unique and wonderful.

That's it for this week. What did I miss? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!
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