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Monday, September 12, 2016

Best Covers of the Week, Vol. 143

 All-Star Batman #2
by Declan Shalvey

I love the negative space and the look of the massive, cracking wings looming in the darkness. A unique look at Batman!

Black Monday Murders #2
by Tomm Coker

I love the craggy, film noir look of this one, and it works even better combined with Hickman's design sensibility.

 Doom Patrol #1
by Brian Chippendale

I really dig the complex abstraction here that hides Robotman as the central figure. It makes me want to stare at it for hours looking for other characters and ideas. Gorgeous and unique colors for a cover as well!

 Doom Patrol #1
by Nick Derington

I couldn't help but include the regular cover as well–it captures the abstract, dada feel of the team, and I love that the title is so minuscule and off center, as if that's less important than the pop art illustration.

House of Penance #6
by Ian Bertram

I may have highlighted every cover from this series so far–they are so good! Bertram nails a sense of movement within horrific imagery that somehow transcends the usual Victorian portraiture of this kind of horror book.

 Lady Killer 2 #2
by Joëlle Jones

Jones continues to hit this 60's housewife magazine feel with a bloody violence effortlessly blended in so well. I like the framing of this one particularly.

Scarlet Witch #10
by David Aja

Aja is such a master of the form; his ability to craft a cover with such perfect framing and integrating the titles in a novel, stylish way is nothing short of incredible. Love it!

The Forevers #1
by Eric Pfeiffer

The crispness of the silhouettes works excellent as a contrast against the fiery painterly background, and I love that the illustration leaves room in the right places for the title and credits.

That's it for this week. What did I miss? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook!
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