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Monday, July 25, 2016

MFF Review: My Blind Brother

You know that movie, you know the one, that you found On Demand and just decided to try because you couldn't find anything else, but you ended up having a really good time watching it? For me, that's the kind of movie that Sophie Goodhart's My Blind Brother is the perfect example of.

My Blind Brother follows two brothers, the self-absorbed marathon running blind Robbie (Adam Scott) and the lazy and resentful, but essentially kind Bill (Nick Kroll). As life continues to ignore Bill as he plays second fiddle to the beloved but obnoxious Robbie, Bill meets Rose (Jenny Slate), who is reconsidering her life after she believes her judgmental argument with her boyfriend accidentally got him run over by a bus. Of course, Bill and Robbie both fall for her as she begins dating Robbie out of a sense of guilt, and indie romantic comedy hi-jinks ensue.

While this hits some of the standard romcom beats, it definitely stands out in that it is really, really funny. The concept in itself is pretty clever in the way that it makes the lazy slob the hero and the handicapped inspiration the asshole, but the cast here is what clearly makes the film. It's as if Goodhart had the idea for this movie, then happened to catch an episode of Parks and Recreation featuring all three of these actors and everything just clicked.

Scott is hysterical as the obliviously pretentious Robbie, using the same stupid "You look pretty today" joke on every woman he meets and missing obvious clues to the burgeoning relationship that Bill and Rose are forging when he's not looking (forgive the pun). Kroll and Slate have some real chemistry, and Slate in particular is very humanly funny, and her sweet performance makes it easy to believe that both men would fall for her.

In the end, My Blind Brother could have been either a lifetime movie on one end of the spectrum or a Farrelly Brothers movie on the other, but instead strikes a nice balance somewhere in between the melodramatic love triangle and the goofy physical humor. It's a really fun movie that takes a simple relationship story and turns it into a solid comedy that's hard to turn away from. If you're looking for something light and down to earth as the blockbuster season winds down, I strongly recommend checking out this delightful film.

My Blind Brother is scheduled to have a limited theatrical release on September 23rd, 2016.
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