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Monday, July 4, 2016

Best Covers of the Week, Vol. 133

 Aquaman #2
by Joshua Middleton

Middleton's variants are often some of my favorites; he's got a talent for making colorful images that stand out with crisp designs and this is a great example.
 Batman #2
by Tim Sale

Sale's Grundy is always kind of awesome, but I especially love the use of distance and framing used here.
 Black Science #22
by Matteo Scalera

Scalara's use of color here is incredible, and the way he's able to create an image that works so perfectly in the elongated vertical frame is impressive.
 The Flintstones #1
by Steve Pugh

This cover is phenomenally done: it captures the tone and cartooniness with a unique, colorful concept.
 Future Quest #2
by Jill Thompson

This one is just fun as hell and really embodies the kind of fun adventure that Jonny Quest is known for.
 Roche Limit Monadic #4
by Kyle Charles

The cosmically cool look of this cover kind of blows me away–it's simple, but the minute details and the fiery colors take it to another level.
 Spider-Woman #9
by Robbi Rodriguez

Rodriguez puts together a mean minimalist cover!
 The Fix #4
by Steve Lieber

I love how this tells a story and a great joke for readers of the series as well. Lieber is one of the funniest artists out there!
Vote Loki #2
by Tradd Moore

In honor of Independence Day, a little red, white, and blue! I love the combination of Moore's unique cartooning and the very classic cover look.

That's it for this week. What did I miss? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook!
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