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Monday, April 11, 2016

Best Covers of the Week, Vol. 121

 Batman Superman #31
by Yanick Paquette

I like the oriental style here and the way the flat traditional art work is given depth by how the characters are put into it. Also some nice coloring that really places them into that style.
 Constantine the Hellblazer #11
by Riley Rossmo

Very nice and wild way to portray Deadman possessing someone! This is fun and extremely eye-catching, and I love the Hollywood letters being integrated into the action.
 Deadly Class #20
by Wesley Craig

This cover instantly tells us what this issue is about in an extremely stylish way. I love how the background is done in a kind of neon lights style, and the wavy, watery shadows at the bottom.
 Heartthrob #1
by Robert Wilson IV

I've been a fan of Robert Wilson IV for a while now and am thrilled to see him getting some more work–this cover oozes with sleazy crime style, and the cutaway with the surgery is a really intriguing touch that hints at the story of the series.

 House of Penance #1
by Ian Bertram

The amount of gorgeous detail here is kind of staggering, and having the main character with eyes wide open in front of the bright red sphere creates a haunting contrast.
 Moon Knight #1
by Greg Smallwood

I like how this cover is reminiscent of Shalvey's uncolored version of the character, but has it's own cartooning style. This one is bound to stand out on the shelf at the store.

 No Mercy #9
by Carla Speed McNeil

This image is striking and clever and uses design elements familiar to our everyday lives to create a bold message.
Shutter #20
by Leila Del Duca
I adore the bright colors and idyllic locale that is contrasted by the supernatural subject matter of the little man sitting on the girls hand.

That's it for this week. What did I miss? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook!
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