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Sunday, March 13, 2016

The 10 Best Selling Comics: FEBRUARY 2016

Hello, everybody!  It's time to once again break down your best selling comics for the previous month.  Marvel started off 2016 very strong, but Image took the top spot with a milestone issue of The Walking Dead.  The biggest question mark of the year so far: would DC be able to catch up?  Your answer lies below.

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10. Justice League #48

Publisher: DC

DC kicks off our February countdown with the latest issue of Justice League and its seemingly final story arc: The Darkseid War!  This has been a really fun book to read, feeling like a lot of the energy is back from the beginning of this series five years ago.  Surprisingly, this is the first time Justice League has shown up on the top 10 this year so far.  Not really sure why this issue sold any better than the one before it.

9. Amazing Spider-man #7

Publisher: Marvel

It's not very often that a non-#1 issue of a Marvel superhero book makes it onto this list.  It speaks a lot for the popularity of this series in particular.  Dan Slott has been writing Spider-man for a number of years now and it would seem not everyone is tired of him just yet.

8. Power Man and Iron Fist #1

Publisher: Marvel

Always nice when the fans put a lot of support behind diversity in superhero comics.  Luke Cage and Danny Rand are back together and fans were eager to see what the Heroes for Hire were faced with now.  This was easily the best #1 Marvel had last month, so it's nice to see it make its way to the Top 10.

7. Darth Vader #16

Publisher: Marvel

Not a surprise by any means.  Marvel's Star Wars books are huge sellers, in case you didn't know.  With this issue starting off a brand new story arc, it's no surprise that it continued to sell big.

6. Deadpool #7

Publisher: Marvel

I was ready to express surprise that another non-#1 Marvel superhero book made it to the top 10, but then I noticed the cover for this one.  Deadpool fever is at an all-time high right now, so it's no shock that a 25th Anniversary issue attracted a larger readership than normal.

5. Deadpool and the Mercs for Money #1

Publisher: Marvel

Remember what I just said about Deadpool-fever?  Yeah...combine that with a new #1 (mini-series) and of course this one was going to be a big seller.  The question now is just when will Deadpool stop being this popular.  I'd wager around the time Captain America: Civil War comes out.

4. Spider-man #1

Publisher: Marvel

Miles Morales has finally made it into the main Marvel Universe!  Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli reunite for this much hyped series.  Despite comic fans at large sometimes resisting diversity, it's nice to see that Miles is really being embraced by more and more readers.

3. Batman #49

Publisher: DC

Scott Snyder's days on the main Batman title are numbered, but that hasn't stopped this book from being a huge seller.  Pretty much every single issue and trade of this run has made the Top 10 of its respective lists.  While I'm sure Tom King's Batman will sell well for issue 1, it will be interesting to see if fans respond in the droves they have for Snyder/Capullo.

2. Star Wars #16

Publisher: Marvel

Like Darth Vader this month, Star Wars also began a brand new story arc, with a few threads from Darth Vader still carrying over from the crossover.  No surprise at all that this one sold big.

1. Dark Knight III: The Masters Race #3

Publisher: DC

If anything from DC sells, it is most definitely Batman.  No surprise here.  I would fully expect every book in this highly anticipated series to take the top spot in its respective month.

Well that's everything comics-wise for February.  Keep an eye out for the Graphic Novels list to see how those fared.  Overall February was a lot kinder to DC than January, but they still have a lot of catching up to do to match Marvel.  Maybe Rebirth will help.  

When it comes to March, I'd expect DC to do pretty well again considering a number of its titles will hit #50.  How many of those titles will sell big with milestone issues is the real question.  If history is any indicator, I'd wager not a ton.

Let's break it all down by company!


DC: 3
Marvel: 7


DC: 4
Image: 1
Marvel: 15

See you in a few weeks for March's numbers!

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