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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey are Roland and The Man in Black in THE DARK TOWER

I love Stephen King's The Dark Tower series, or at least I really love the first four books and have varying levels of appreciation for the latter three, even if I think he rather whiffs the ending.

Regardless, the cinematic interpretation always provided for an opportunity to adjust things, and with A Royal Affair's Nikolaj Arcel at the helm, thing long gestating project looks to finally be taking off.

Indeed, shooting will begin in seven weeks for a January 2017 release, and its two lead stars have been secured per Entertainment Weekly

Idris Elba is set to play Roland Deschain, the infamous "Gunslinger", while Matthew McConaughey will portray his life-long nemesis "The Man in Black" aka Walter O'Dim/Randall Flagg.

Arcel spoke about Elba in the lead role:

“For me, it just clicked. He’s such a formidable man,” says Arcel, who says he’s been a fan of Elba’s since The Wire. “I had to go to Idris and tell him my vision for the entire journey with Roland and the ka-tet. We discussed, who is this character? What’s he about? What’s his quest? What’s his psychology? We tried to figure out if we saw the same guy. And we absolutely had all the same ideas and thoughts. He had a unique vision for who Roland would be.”
While in the past, there has been discussions of a series of films, along with a television series to fill the gaps between films, particularly when Ron Howard was lined-up to direct; it looks as though Arcel is aiming for the one film at a time approach. He does state though, that it's possible this film might revive the old plan (probably dependent on how much money it makes). 

Something to look forward to next year! Take note! 
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