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Monday, March 28, 2016

DC has announced its full Rebirth line-up

This past Saturday at WonderCon, DC Comics announced all of the creative teams on their latest relaunch effort, dubbed "Rebirth". What it is exactly, is a little more unclear than I'd like, but from what I can gather, there's some cosmic force that's going to cause the New 52 continuity and Pre-New 52 continuity to basically mash up together. What we'll end up with is hopefully something that can appeal to fans of both efforts. Really though, the bigger question was, what were these new creative teams going to be on the set of titles they announced earlier this month?

Now we know, let's take a look at them:

DC Universe Rebirth by Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Ivan Reis, Phil Jimenz and Ethan Van Sciver: A one-shot launching DC Rebirth; to be published in May
- This is where is all starts, and the big comparison point is to "Countdown to Infinite Crisis", remember that? Blue Beetle getting shot in the head and all?
Batman by Tom King, David Finch, Mikel Janin and Jordie Bellaire (promo art features Jim Gordon with a mustache)
- A+ move. King is easily the hottest writer at the Big Two now. Put him on your biggest book and you've got the makings of a stand-out run. I will read this.
Detective Comics by James Tynion IV, Eddy Barrows and Alvaro Martinez (featuring Batman, Batwoman, Tim Drake, Spoiler, Cassandra Cain, and Clayface)
- Tim Drake is back as Robin and I'm glad Batwoman is in a comic again. I can't get too excited about Tynion taking over this book, but given how badly it was treated in the New 52..things could be worse.
Nightwing by Tim Seeley, Javi Fernandez and Marcus To
- One-half of the Grayson creative team, makes sense. I'll check it out.
Batgirl and the Birds of Prey by Julie Benson, Shawna Benson, and Claire Roe (team will feature Black Canary and the Huntress)
Batgirl by Hope Larson and Rafael Albuquerque. (Initial arc will feature Batgirl leaving Burnside and going on a training mission/backpacking trip)
- Larson is a big, big get. I anticipate this is going to split the difference between the Simone take and the Burnside version, given the artist. I'm down for that.
All-Star Batman by Scott Snyder, John Romita Jr., Jock, Sean Murphy, Paul Pope and more.
- Glad to see the All-Star label has returned, and Snyder is sticking around on something a little more personal and less event driven. Into it! Especially with the focus on the rogues gallery.
Action Comics by Dan Jurgens, Patrick Zircher, Tyler Kirkham and Stephen Segovia. 
- I'd be more excited about this if Jurgens was also providing art, but as it stands, I haven't been too into his latest writing forays.
The New Super-Man by Gene Yang and Viktor Bogdanovic. 
- The concept sounds right in Yang's wheelhouse, and I will 100% read every issue.
Supergirl by Steve Orlando, Brian Ching and Emanuela Luppacchino.
- Perfect writer for a property that can benefit from its televised counterpart in a way that isn't the case for the CW programs. Orlando is right there with King as one of DC's best young talents. I can't wait to read this.
Trinity by Francis Manapul and Clay Mann
- Pretty covers, probably not for me.
Superwoman by Phil Jimenez and Emanuela Luppacchino
- Jimenez is an underrated writer, and the idea has me curious. I'm in.
Superman by Peter Tomasi, Doug Mahnke and Patrick Gleason
- Maybe....maaayyybe. I'm not the biggest fan of Tomasi's work, but he doesn't outright repel me either. Superman may end up a better fit for him than Batman, given his penchant for sentimentality.
Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka, Liam Sharp and Nicola Scott.  
- Maybe the most exciting use of the bi-weekly schedule yet, with alternating stories between the artists. Between this and Morrison's Earth One OGN, this is a very promising creative stretch for what is quickly growing into one of DC's most popular characters en masse.
Justice League by Bryan Hitch, Tony Daniel, Fernando Pasarin. 
- I really enjoy Hitch's Justice League of America, I'll probably enjoy this. Should be appropriately heroic.
The Flash by Joshua Williamson, Carmine Di Giandomenico and Neil Googe.
- I'll check it out, Shane swears by Williamson, so that's good enough for me.
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps by Robert Vendetti, Ethan Van Sciver and Rafa Sandoval.  The book will feature the Green Lanterns fighting to take back the universe from the Sinestro Corps.  John Stewart and Guy Gardner will also be featured.
- Nope
Green Lanterns by Sam Humphries, Robson Rocha and Ardian Syaf
- Maybe? I'm not a fan of Humphries, but the idea of two new Lanterns that are Earth-based could be appealing? ehhhhhh
Cyborg by John Semper, Will Conrad and Paul Pelletier. 
- Will give it another go.
Aquaman by Dan Abnett, Brad Walker, Jesus Merino and Phil Briones. 
- Same for this one.
Titans by Dan Abnett and Brett Booth.  Arsenal, Nightwing, Tempest and Donna Troy will all appear. 
Harley Quinn by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Chad Hardin and John Timms.
Suicide Squad by Rob Williams Jim Lee and Phillip Tan.  Cover shows Harley Quinn, Rick Flagg, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Killer Croc and Katana.
- This is my other must-read along with King and Orlando's new assignments. Williams is very promising, and I think this concept is a can't miss with the right writer. I'm in.
Green Arrow by Ben Percy, Otto Schmidt and Juan Ferreya
Red Hood and the Outlaws by Scott Lobdell and Dexter Soy.
The Hellblazer by Simon Oliver and Moriart.
Deathstroke by Christopher Priest, Caarlo Pagulayan, Igor Vitorino and Felipe Watanabe
- Priest returning is a big surprise. I'm curious at least.
Batman Beyond by Dan Jurgens and Bernard Chang, featuring the return of Terry McGuinness.
Blue Beetle by Keith Giffen and Scott Kolins. 
Teen Titans by Ben Percy and Jonboy Meyers
Super Sons (no creative team announced
Justice League of America (no creative team announced)
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