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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Best Covers of the Week, Vol. 110

 Art Ops #4
by Mike Allred

This cover is so totally gorgeous. Fantastic cartooning on the central character and the ones reflected in the glass, and I think the black letterboxing on the sides somehow adds an even more space age vibe.
 Black Magick #4
by Ming Doyle

A very cool variant that is supremely eerie. I really like the oddly perfect corridor left by the trees at the top, and the ghostly fog or fade out on the bottom.
 Cry Havoc #1
by Cameron Stewart

This might be my favorite cover of the week. Right off the top, the use of color is fantastic (this series actually has some pretty interesting uses of colorists, I've heard), and the way it uses the number of the issue to play a key role in the concept of the piece is wonderful.
 Deadly Class #18
by Wes Craig

Craig's covers on Deadly Class are always pretty interesting, but I especially like how the violence here is literally dividing the character into pieces that no longer fit. Quietly brilliant!
 Justice League 3001 #8
by Scott Kolins

And now the opposite of quiet! Kolins does a great job of cramming a ton of primary colored action into one classically exciting image.
 Negative Space #3
by Owen Gieni

The style of this one is really fascinating, combining a very detailed look at the sci-fi violence in the bottom of the frame, while the figure and title at the top have a very lo-fi indie comic look.
 Southern Bastards #13
by Jason Latour

Really phenomenal concept that also pays off as a dynamic image. This image so perfectly captures the essence of the series–definitely one of its best covers!
 Spider-Woman #3
by Annie Wu

Probably my favorite concept of the week–I haven't seen anyone use the web symbolism to represent being trapped by the responsibilities of parenthood. Really wonderful!
Victorie City #1
by Vincent Nappi

The painterly crime illustration style is really cool here, but it's the corner-cut label that recalls a vinyl record that really stands out as fantastic design.

That's it for this week. What did I miss? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook!
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