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Monday, December 14, 2015

Best Covers of the Week, Vol. 104

All-New X-Men #2
by Janet Lee

This cover does a really good job of doing a kind of modern attempt at a classic cover; it’s definitely got the classic X-Men team-coming-at-you feel, but with a much stronger, more modern line.

Batman Europa #2
by Massimo Carnevale

Really awesome, unique style here, which is what this series is supposed to be all about. I dig the color and the perspective, too.

Huck #2
by Rafael Albuquerque

This is a smart, beautiful cover that really exemplifies the idea behind the series. Excellently designed!

Illuminati #2
by Julian Totino Tedesco

More than most, this cover oozes action and movement, and especially in how it is framed so that one character is already moving out of frame.

Lumberjanes #21
by Rosemary Valero-O’Connell

Some truly wonderful design here, from the minimal shading, the look of the trees, and the framing of the sky. Really nice!

Ms. Marvel #2
by Cliff Chiang

I adore this cover! Killer line and character work by Chiang as always, but the tone and concept are just so spot on. I love it when a cover can tell a story and sell the feel of a series in a single image.

Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl #5
by Jamie McKelvie

You don’t see this style everyday! On top of how cool and eye-catching this is, it just cements once more how talented and versatile McKelvie is.

Prometheus Eternal #1
by Bill Sienkiewicz

I love the woodcut style here. The detail and expressionistic flames and blood are really interesting, and it’s got a nice central use of color as well.

Sex #26
by Piotr Kowalski

The cover is supremely eye-catching (no pun intended) and feels gigantic. I also love that repeated (but never exactly) theme of overlapping letters for the title has gotten so big that it can no longer fit on the page.

That's it for this week. What did I miss? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook!
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