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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Freddy and Jason to Rematch at Horror Nights 25

It has been a while since we have gotten any real news about this year's Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando.  That changed today with the confirmation that one of this year's NINE haunted houses will be none other than Freddy vs Jason!  

This is not the first time either slasher has been featured at the event.  Both were part of the Carnival of Carnage for Horror Nights 17 in 2007, which also featured Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and Jack the Clown, an original Horror Nights icon who will also be returning this year.  This is also not Universal's first time doing a "versus" house as last year's event featured the Alien and the Predator.

Speaking about the house, Horror Nights Creative Director Mike Aiello said:

"From Camp Crystal Lake to 1428 Elm Street, Cabins to boiler rooms..It's all in one experience! And of course a few Easter eggs for the fans! Witness #iconic kills from each #horror series, Freddy vs. Jason, and become the next victim..."

Aiello went on to say that the haunted house will feature a definitive winner to the feud, which will change each time guests go through the attraction.  Presumbly this means the finale of the house will change once every hour or so, encouraging multiple walkthroughs.  Going through the houses at HHN more than once is usually a good idea just to see how the experience changes, but this will definitely give fans more incentive to do so.

Freddy and Jason last fought one another in the 2002 film of the same name, but it does not seem like this house will be going in that direction.  Hopefully this feels like more of an actual house where these two icons are fighting, something Alien vs Predator did not do so well last time.

Halloween Horror Nights 25 will take place on select nights from September 18 through November 1 at Universal Orlando Resort

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