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Friday, May 15, 2015

The 10 Best Selling Comics: APRIL 2015

I'm going to try something new here at GeekRex.  Each month, as the information becomes available, I will be taking a look at the 10 best selling comics from the previous month as well as the 10 best selling graphic novels.  These articles will serve for more informative purposes, though speculation as to why each title ended up on the list is certainly likely.  

You can check out more detailed lists such as the market share for each company, best selling toys, etc. by clicking here.

Now, onto our best selling comics...

10. Princess Leia #3

Publisher: Marvel

A bit of a surprise considering how mixed reviews have been from fans and critics alike for this series, but Marvel's line of Star Wars comics is definitely working to their advantage.  Expect the remaining two issues in this series to also show up in the best sellers

9. Convergence #4

Publisher: DC

DC's resurgence in the best sellers of the month should not surprise anyone.  When you've got an event book going on, no matter what the reviews, the sales are going to be huge. 

8. Kanan: The Last Padawan #1

Publisher: Marvel

A bit of a surprise, but I suppose this shows the power of Star Wars, Star Wars Rebels, and a #1 issue to draw in a ton of readers.  I have my doubts we see it on following best seller lists as we will with Marvel's other Star Wars titles.

7. Convergence #3

Publisher: DC

This event is mainly just filler while DC moves its headquarters from NYC to Burbank, but, as mentioned, its numerous places on this list should not come as a surprise.

6. Convergence #2

Publisher: DC

Again, it's an event book.  It was always going to be a big seller.  DC having each issue come out every week only guaranteed their taking up the majority of this list.

5. Darth Vader #4

Publisher: Marvel

Arguably Marvel's best title of its Star Wars line of comics.  A low number, tons of new readers, and a resurgent interest in everything Star Wars are probably all factors in the high sales.

4. Batman #40

Publisher: DC

This one actually says a lot.  The only title on this month's list that is not new or tied to an event.  Batman always sells, but this book ending up so high on the best-sellers 40 issues in says a lot about the quality of the comic itself. Although the death of certain characters may also have contributed.

3. Convergence #1

Publisher: DC

Again...this shouldn't be a surprise.

2. Convergence #0

Publisher: DC

You know the routine by now.  The only thing surprising about this one is that it was not #1.  Perhaps the $5 price tag kept it from getting that spot, despite the draw of a new event book.

1. Star Wars #4

Publisher: Marvel

Our best seller of April.  A bit surprising, but the aforementioned factors affecting the other Star Wars titles also affect this one.  With #1 having that historic 1 million copy printing, its presence should not be a surprise on this list, but ending up at the top spot is a bit of a shock.

There you have it.  The Top 10 Best Selling Comics of April 2015.  Just as many surprises as there are non-surprises, frankly.  DC's resurgence onto the list after having only one title present in March should be no surprise as April saw Convergence go into full swing.  What is perhaps most surprising is that not only did all 4 of Marvel's Star Wars books end up on the Top 10, but Marvel had NO superhero comics on the 10 best-sellers.  Surely a first in a very, very long time.  Will that trend continue?  Probably not.  Expect to see the first two issues of Secret Wars as well as A-Force duke it out with Convergence for those top 10 spots for May.

Now to breakdown the best sellers by company....


DC: 6
Marvel: 4


DC: 11
IDW: 1
Image: 1
Marvel: 27

Did you buy any (or all) of the best sellers from April?  What do you think of these results?  Let use know in the comments below!

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