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Friday, May 22, 2015

Jack Is Back: New Details for Horror Nights 25 Emerge

I'm a little late on getting this news out here, but we finally got some details on Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights, which will be returning for its 25th year this September.

The video came in the form of a video, some tweets, and a big update to the official website.

Jack is back!

This...has pretty much been known since around Halloween of last year, but we now have official confirmation that the much adored Horror Nights Icon will be returning to the event.  Jack first appeared in 2000 at Horror Nights 10, bringing an a new era to the event which featured "icons" that dictated the general theme.  Jack, a deranged clown with a more intricate back story than you would imagine, would go on to be featured at three more Horror Nights events, most notably 17, which saw him leading the Carnival of Carnage and his freak show of Freddy, Jason, and Leatherface.  This will be the first time Jack has been seen at the event in five years.

With that return comes a redesign of Jack, which looks a lot more rugged and, frankly, modern.  If Jack's new look is any indication, this year's HHN seems to be an interesting blend of old and very new...which creative director Mike Aiello went on to confirm on Twitter.

As for the other details, here is what we now know:
  • 9 Haunted Houses - The most of any Horror Nights and something fans saw coming
  • 5 Scare Zones
  • Roaming Hordes - No details on what this means.  It was tried before and fans did not really go for it.
  • 2 Shows
  • 30 Nights - The most nights ever for the event.
Aaand that's pretty much it.  We will probably start to see some announcements for those houses and scare zones pretty soon, but you can go ahead and start planning your trip to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando by clicking here.

Take a look at the announcement video:

Halloween Horror Nights 25 will take place select nights from September 18 - November 1

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