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Monday, May 4, 2015

Fan Film Razor Sharp Aims For A Big Screen Adaptation With New Teaser

The brainchild of writer/director Marcus Perry, VP of Worldwide Creative Content at Paramount Pictures, Razor Sharp has already taken the trip from an indie comic series into a fan film project, and now with a new teaser; his team it looking to fill the current void of female-led superhero films.

Here's how they describe it:

Impenetrable fortresses, SWAT-trained security forces, the occasional piece of malfunctioning gear; it’s all in a night’s work for quirky thief Veronica Sharpe as she struggles to right her own wrongs in a Cyberpunk world ruled by corporations.

Beyond the intriguing concept, the other big draw here is that Veronica is played by Amy Johnston, a name you probably don't recognize but you surely saw her action chops as the stunt double for Scarlett Johansson in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Johnston is also a grand champion martial artist, so it's clear she'll be doing her own stunts ala Gina Carano in Haywire. An exciting prospect!

Perry's mission for this film is very clear, as he told us:

We want to give women a strong character to root for. Everyone on the team is an action movie junkie, and we all grew up obsessed with comic books, so we wanted to create a character that embodied all that passion.  At the same time, we recognize how under-served women are when it comes to genre. Veronica’s not a damsel in distress, or somebody’s girlfriend.  She’s in command, full of vulnerability and humor that I hope will catch people off guard.

After this weekend's poor showing for female superhero leads, ironically the very character that Johnston embodied on screen just last year, it's exciting that there's a production team out there that actually "gets it" regarding what audiences, particularly females, want out of our lady action protagonists.

With a production team that includes cinematographer Andrew Shulkind (who has worked with luminaries such as David Fincher), Razor Sharp could very well be off to a pretty promising future. Here's the first teaser:

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