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Monday, May 25, 2015

Best Covers of the Week, vol. 75: Giant-Sized!

Convergence: Shazam #2
by Doc Shaner
Let's start off this week's giant-sized collection with one of our favorites, Doc Shaner! Gorgeous line and shading work as usual, and a frightening perspective that really makes the primary-colored heroes stand out.
 Fight Club 2 #1
by David Mack
Mack does some of the coolest and most unique cover work out there, and is a perfect fit for this series. I love the color scheme and the use of the real bandaids really ups the intensity that those eyes give off.
 Material #1
by Tom Muller
Tom Muller continues to do some of the most fascinating design work in comics today, and he and Kot seem to have struck up a unique partnership. The multimedia look, bold color, and all left-oriented text really give this an almost indescribable literary style.
 Convergence: Detective Comics #2
by Bill Sienkiewicz
Outside of the strong resemblance to Miller, it's the great subdued color work that really drew me to this one. It's worth mentioning how well the image fits into the title design as well!
 The Infinite Loop #2
by Tim Sale
Forget the dames in the center–look at that car! Look at the rainy old street and the foggy buildings! Sale's ink work is straight up unparalleled and unbeatable.
Sex #21
by Piotr Kowalski
Sex has played with cover concepts and bold statements since issue 1, but this one sets a new bar for the series. The color choice, the wall-to-wall text, and the figure all make this one really stand out.
   The Sandman Overture #5
by J. H. Williams III
Oh J. H. Williams III. It's somehow beautiful and hallucinogenic while also organic and somehow off-putting. But hey, it's got a cat, so take that internet!
 Divinity #4
by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic
The stark sense of impossibility makes this cover interesting, but it's the colors–dark and dull on top, bright and full of wonder on the bottom–that put it above.
 Convergence: Action Comics #2
by Amanda Conner
There may not be a better current cartoonist than Conner. The smooth shading, wonderfully fun colors, and perfect acting make this one of her finest!
 Adventure Time #40
by Paul Pope
Paul Pope! It's not often we get a cover by one of the masters, and I love his take on Jake and Finn. How could I not include this when it's got a little Egyptian BMO?
 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #3
by Robert Hack
I really love the look here that's somewhere halfway between fairy tale and trashy horror novel. The black and blue shading that frames the central image is quite cool as well, looking a bit like a moonlit lake.

That's it for this week. What did I miss? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook!
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