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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Comics to Look for at Free Comic Book Day (May 2nd)

Every year, Free Comic Book Day comes around on the first Saturday in May, drawing longtime comic fans as well as families out in droves to comic shops to see what all the fuss is about. While I often find myself throwing out lots of the comics I pick up–I've got a collector's addiction–there are always some great finds. FCBD of course is used by the big two to push the next event, but more interesting are often the smaller publisher's output. I always find something interesting that I wasn't aware existed. Make sure to go out and support your local shop and check out these free comics this Saturday!

For Superhero Fans

Some light at the end of the Convergence tunnel! Exciting to see some of the work that could bring a renaissance to DC's output. Here we get three 8-page previews for June, including Snyder and Capullo's Batman, the next JL event in Darkseid War, and most excitingly Gene Luen Yang's Superman!

Rating: Teen

Secret Wars #0

The beginning of Marvel's gigantic event that will wipe away the Ultimate Universe. It could be a lot of fun, or a whole bunch of revisionist boredom–but hey, at least the first issue is free. More intriguing, though, is the 8-page Attack on Avengers story, an Avengers and Attack on Titan crossover written by AoT creator Hajime Isayama, never before published in the US.

Rating: Teen+

Valiant 25th Anniversary Special

For my money, where the best super-hero stories are being told right now, and most interestingly a prelude to the excellent Bloodshot Reborn that debuted a few weeks ago. Sounds like this is going to be jam packed with bits from the entire Valiant line, so if you're intrigued but haven't checked out their books yet, this might be your best chance!

Rating: Teen

Dark Circle Comics

Archie Comics continue to innovate and grow, and the last few weeks has seen the debut of their superhero imprint in Dark Circle. Whether it's the fun Fox (written by Mark Waid), the dark street-level Black Hood (by Duane Swiercyznski and Michael Gaydos), or the female led conspiracy tale The Shield (by Adam Christopher and Chuck Wendig and various artists), there's something for everyone here.

Rating: Mature Readers


For Those Looking for Something Different

Hip Hop Family Tree Three-in-One + Cosplayers

Here you get excerpts from all three volumes of the excellent Hip Hop Family Tree, including pinups by the likes of R. Crumb and Scottie Young. Plus, a brand new 24 page chapter in Dash Shaw's hilariously earnest Cosplayers series!

Rating: Teen+

2000 AD

Probably something you don't get a chance to read month to month, 2000 AD is still an awesome place to get great sci-fi. This 48-page FCBD edition includes a new Judge Dredd story by Matt Smith and Norm Breyfogle, plus loads of other short stories, including one by Dave Gibbons. These are always a blast and are sometimes in short supply, so make sure to ask your store to hold one for you!

Rating: Teen+

Comics Festival

This anthology collects short stories and previews by all Canadian creators. Of particular note, there is a piece called Lady's Favor by Kate Beaton of Hark! A Vagrant fame, as well as a story written by Mariko Tamaki, whose works Skim and This One Summer have garnered loads of praise. Those plus four other stories make this one a must-read for fans of independent comics.

Rating: Teen+

The Motorcycle Samurai

Already a successful digital comic, Chris Sheridan brings his action-packed hero to print in full color for FCBD! If you're a reader of the series, or are interested in the upcoming graphic novel by Sheridan, this one is definitely worth checking out.

Rating: Teen


For TV/Movie Fans

Dark Horse: Fight Club/The Goon/The Strain

If you're into or interested in long-running series like The Goon or The Strain, this is probably worth grabbing, but certainly Fight Club is the biggest draw here. It's been so long since Palahniuk announced the odd idea for a comic book sequel to his novel (and the fantastic Fincher film) that I'd almost forgotten. Partnered with the always awesome Cameron Stewart, the first rule about FCBD is: Don't forget to pick this up!

Rating: Mature Readers

Kodansha Comics featuring Attack on Titan

If you're a fan of the anime series that is often compared (and vastly superior) to Walking Dead, or just curious about those creepy looking giants, here's your chance to check out the Manga for free! You'll also get some samples of Kodansha's other manga series, so this is definitely one to check out for all you otakus out there.

Rating: Teen+

Doctor Who Special

Anyone who's listened to our Podcast knows we're huge Doctor Who fans! Titan has made a bit of a splash with their acquisition of the comics rights to Doctor Who, and here they present three new short stories featuring the 10th, 11th, and 12th Doctors. At the very least, it'll be something to hold you over while you patiently await the next series...

Rating: Teen+

Legendary Comics Sampler

While it's not entirely clear what will be included in this sampler, its safe to say it's going to have some Kaiju. Legendary has recently published adaptations and tie-ins to both Godzilla and Pacific Rim, not to mention the Grant Morrison/Frazer Irving cosmic freak-out Annihilator. See what's next from the strange-that-it-exists movie house/comic publisher!

All Ages

Super Mutant Magic Academy/Step Aside Pops

More Kate Beaton and Tamaki goodness, this time of the all-ages variety! This issue contains previews of two upcoming graphic novels by Drawn & Quarterly. The first is Step Aside Pops by Beaton, which explores history and literature in a comedic way. The second is by Jillian Tamaki, artist of the forementioned Skim and This One Summer, who this time takes on writing duties as well in Super Mutant Magic Academy, which she's been serializing online for several years. Kids and adults alike should not miss this!

Rating: All-Ages

CBLDF Defend Comics

Always good to support this great organization (even if it's free), but this one sounds great. It includes works from loads of great creators, including several First Second publications we've loved. Most exciting is a new Shadow Hero story by Gene Luen Yang and Sonny Liew, but there are also previews of the charming Princess Decomposia (Andi Watson) and Giants Beware! (Jorge Aguirre and Rafael Rosado). Having read bits of all those, I can say they're awesome for readers of all ages!

Rating: All-Ages
Boom Ten Year Celebration

Boom always puts out great collections on FCBD, and since this one is such a landmark for them, it promises to be a particularly packed one. Included here are everything from your favorite Cartoon Network shows like Adventure Time and Regular Show to classics like Peanuts and Garfield to great ongoing series like Lumberjanes and Mouse Guard! There's really something for everyone here.

Rating: All-Ages

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