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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Superman And Wonder Woman Get Brand New Costumes, And One Of Them Is Awful, Take A Guess Which

At the start of the New 52, Superman and Wonder Woman both got brand new costume designs.

They both looked something like this:

I very much loved both of these looks.

During the course of Grant Morrison's Action run, Superman got the much derided high collar, armored look (though it originally appeared in Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's Justice League that debuted months earlier):

I honestly didn't mind it much, but others felt differently. DC touched it up subtly when John Romita Jr. joined Geoff Johns on Superman:

Now, it's been revealed that both Superman and Wonder Woman are getting another makeover courtesy of the new post-Convergence DC publishing plan, here's how they'll appear in June via HitFix and Nerdist:

Let's get this out of the way, Wonder Woman's new duds look like crap, full stop. Very 90's and way too busy. Then again, it's also a reflection of the not so stellar creative team that's on board.

For Superman though? I'm rather excited to see the focus return to this iteration's roots. I like the idea of Superman as a Woody Guthrie, man of the people type and it brings to mind the wonderful novel It's Superman by Tom De Haven, which set the character in the depression Dust Bowl era. 

So as far as DC goes, one step forward, one step back...hopefully Gene Luen Yang's upcoming Superman run will get to play with this version of the character.

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