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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

GeekRecs Weekly Home Video Spotlight: March 3rd

Welcome to the GeekRex weekly look at what's new in the world of home video. Whether you just depend on your Netflix subscription to find great new shows and movies to watch or your an avid blu-ray collector, we've got you covered! Check back each week to see what's happening on DVD, blu-ray, Netflix, and more! 

New on DVD & Blu-Ray for March 3rd, 2015

Foxcatcher    (GeekRex review)

Foxcatcher may not be for everyone, particularly those who prefer fast-paced psychological thrillers, but the slow burn approach worked really well for the subject matter at hand. The film takes its time pulling viewers through its chilling narrative, which works so hard at avoiding clichés or embellishment, at times it can even border on sterile. 
The Captive  (Lionsgate)
Life Partners  (Magnolia)
Blacula / Scream Blacula, Scream  (Scream! Factory)

Outlander, Season 1 Volume 1

New On Netflix, Hulu & Amazon for March 2015

Notable New Releases on Netflix

House of Cards, Season 3  (2015)

Notable New Releases on Amazon Instant Video

Maps to the Stars  (2015)  (available to buy or rent)
Drunk History, Season 2  (free w/ Prime)

Notable New Releases on Hulu & Hulu+

My Best Fiend  (1999)
Lessons of Darkness  (1995)
Fitzcarraldo  (1982)
Nosferatu, The Vampyre  (1979)
The Thief of Baghdad  (1924)

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