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Monday, March 2, 2015

Faith No More Posts New Single "Superhero" On Marvel's Site

I used to love Faith No More, or more specifically, I used to really love Mike Patton. I was always especially fond of Mr. Bungle, but I owned his Tomahawk, FNM, Fantomas, Lovage and every other little side project he worked on that I could get my hands on.

After an almost 20 year hiatus, Faith No More is back together...and I'm sorta interested still. The first single from their forthcoming album Sol Invictus, "Motherfucker", was kind of awful. This new one, "Superhero", is little more like what I expected; but sadly, it's also kind of exactly what I expected.

Here's hoping the new album is a little more adventurous.

Strangely enough, the band posted it on Marvel.com due to the subject matter of the lyrics. You can read Marvel's interview with bass player Billy Gould, in what has to be one of the weirder cross promotional angles I've seen in a while.

Here's the track:

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