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Monday, March 2, 2015

Best Covers of the Week, Vol. 63

Halogen #1
by Afu Chan

I really like the level of detail and the colors, but most of all I dig the interesting angles and use of perspective here. Feels like it has a lot of movement.

 All-New Hawkeye #1
by Ramon Perez

Perez always blows me away with the beauty of his illustrations, and this one is one of his best. Although I've seen it a million times in the ads, the impact of the color and the simple concept hasn't worn off.

 Grayson #8
by Bill Sienkiewicz

And thus begins perhaps DC's most exciting variant campaign yet, classic movie covers! This one is spot on and a perfect choice for the series, and Sienkiewicz renders it lovingly with tons of great detail. 

 Saga #26
by Fiona Staples

Staples continues the action-oriented cover theme from #25, and I like this one even better. The tilted perspective and the color all augment a feeling of excitement and adventure that I can't help but be swept up in.

 Rocket Raccoon #9
by Janet Lee

I really dig the detail and the character work on this cover, but I especially wanted to highlight how awesome it is that Marvel's 'Women of Marvel' variants don't just showcase female characters, but also female artists. Awesome! 

Descender #1
by Dustin Nguyen

Nguyen has such a signature style that I've always loved, and seems perfectly suited to a sci-fi adventure. Really nice design here that knows how to use the negative space to increase focus and drama. The Lemire cover is nice too!

 Batman Eternal #48
by Cliff Chiang

I liked the color and perspective of this cover, but when I realized what the whole concept was I really took notice. The use of the surrounding riot to silhouette the hat shape in the empty space is wonderful, and the level of planning that clearly went into how to pull it off is very impressive.

 Nameless #2
by Chris Burnham

Just how creepy is this? The split portrait is a common comic cover tool, but to use it with something that clearly doesn't match up quite right is unsettling, not to mention the sheer metaphysical absurdity of the image on the right. Killer!

 Green Lantern #40
by Tony Harris

My personal favorite of the movie covers this week. Such a great concept and done with such affection for the original poster. So cool to use the lantern place of the monolith!

 Spider-Woman #5
 by Javier Rodriguez

I really like the framing and perspective and the use of the title within the image, but I especially like how physically real it feels. The awkwardly placed fingers and crazy hair highlight the physical weirdness of a person with these kinds of powers. Great coloring too!

Supreme Blue Rose #7
by Tula Lotay

The finale to another favorite series here at GeekRex ends with a great cover. The character work is great, but the idea is awesome; as if the series itself is a word balloon that he can't prevent from leaving his mouth. The lightning bolts recall a character like Captain Marvel who's source of power is a word as well. Wonderful!

That's it for this week. What did I miss? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook!  
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