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Friday, February 6, 2015

DC Comics Announces 24 New Titles And A New Superman Team

Well good morning to you too DC Comics!

We had wondered what was going to happen post-Convergence in June, and now we know...

DC Comics is cancelling a ton of titles including most of the Green Lantern line and have announced 14 new books, they are as follows:

TitleCreative Team
Batman BeyondW: Dan Jurgens
A: Bernard Chang
Bat-Mite (6-issue limited)W: Dan Jurgens
A: Corin Howell
Bizarro (6-issue limited)W: Heath Corson
A: Gustavo Duarte
Black CanaryW: Brenden Fletcher
A: Annie Wu & Irene Koh
Constantine: The HellblazerW: Ming Doyle
A: Riley Rossmo
CyborgW: David Walker
A: Ivan Reis
Dark UniverseW: James Tynion IV
A: Ming Doyle
Green Lantern: Lost ArmyW: Cullen Bunn
A: Jesus Saiz & Javi Pina
DoomedW: Scott Lobdell
A: Javier Fernandez
Earth 2: SocietyW: Daniel Wilson
A: Jorge Jimenez
Dr. FateW: Paul Levitz
A: Sonny Liew
Harley Quinn/Power Girl (6-issue limited)W: Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner
A: Stephane Roux
Justice League of AmericaW: Bryan Hitch
A: Bryan Hitch
Justice League 3001W: Keith Giffen
A: Howard Porter
Martian ManhunterW: Rob Williams
A: Ben Oliver
MidnighterW: Steve Orlando
Mystic UW: Alisa Kwitney
A: Stay tuned for artist info!
Omega MenW: Tom King
A: Alec Morgan
PrezW: Mark Russell
A: Ben Caldwell
Red Hood/ArsenalW: Scott Lobdell
A: Denis Medri
Robin, Son of BatmanW: Patrick Gleason
A: Patrick Gleason
Section Eight (6-issue limited)W: Garth Ennis
A: John McCrea
StarfireW: Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner
A: Emanuela Lupacchino
We Are RobinW: Lee Bermejo
A: Khary Randolph

And most excitingly, Gene Luen Yang (Boxers & Saints, The Shadow Hero) will be taking over for Geoff Johns on Superman. Overnight, DC Comics has reinvigorated their line significantly and adding one of the most exciting writers in comics is huge.

It is nice to be excited about DC Comics again.

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