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Monday, February 16, 2015

Best Covers of the Week, Vol. 61

She-Hulk #12
by Kevin Wada

Let's take a moment to appreciate just how awesome this run of covers (not to mention the series itself) has been. Glad to see that Wada is going out with a fantastic cover for this final issue, electing to go for less of a concept and more of a portrait. There's a power and an intensity to the face and body language that is unlike anything else. We'll miss this!

 Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #5
by Sanford Greene

I really like the graininess here, and the sketchy quality of the background that makes the figures in the foreground stand out. The streetlight is a nice touch, too, giving an immediacy to the fight, that they are almost to the ground without us even seeing it.

 Ei8ht #1
by Rafael Albuquerque

This is a case of excellent design and color choice elevating what might have been a less noteworthy cover. It's nice when the art takes into account the placement and look of the title, and the weird, almost 60's look to the color palette give us a very cool sci-fi vibe.

 Batgirl #39
by Cliff Chiang

Can someone please give this guy a Batgirl book? There's a fun concept here, for sure, but Chiang has a real knack for nailing facial expressions, particularly in women. There's something sneering and playful in the look that another artist might not be able to pull off as well.

 Silk #1
by Dave Johnson

This is unlike most of Johnson's cover work, which is typically very design element heavy, but it works extremely well here. There's a great sense of perspective and tension, like she's about to launch at us, and the slight inward bending of the buildings almost feels like an optical illusion meant to make us a little uncomfortable.

 Secret Identities #1
by Charlie Kirchoff

A killer concept here that immediately tells us what the book is about, which is what a #1 issue's cover ought to. Eye-catching colors don't hurt either!

 Silver Surfer #9
by Mike Allred

How lucky are we to be seeing Allred draw Galactus, I mean really? He does a great job of building up the scale and depth of the scene, keeping up a sense of danger while keeping it super fun.

 Lazarus #15
by Owen Freeman

Freeman's been nailing it on these covers lately. The bloody wine glass is such a great visual way to represent the upper class violence in the book, and the distorted figures behind it and the hand hovering just above add to the intrigue.

Black Widow #15
by Phil Noto

What can I say? Noto has an impeccable mind for concepts that are both spot on for the character and visually gorgeous. The map, the weapons used for shading, and the negative space of her fists are all perfectly utilized. 

That's it for this week. What did I miss? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook!  
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