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Monday, January 5, 2015

GeekRecs Weekly Home Movies Spotlight: 1/6/2015

Welcome to the GeekRex weekly look at what's new in the world of home video. Whether you just depend on your Netflix subscription to find great new shows and movies to watch or your an avid blu-ray collector, we've got you covered! Check back each week to see some of the notable new releases on DVD, blu-ray, Netflix, and more!

New on DVD & Blu-Ray for January 6th

Boyhood   (Paramount)           (GeekRex review here)
Boyhood isn't about singular moments, instead we're given as close an approximation of childhood as any ever filmed: small instances given cumulative power due to their proximity to one another. It's a tale of unplanned occurrences and a one-of-a-kind on-screen experiment. The fact that it works at all should be applauded. That it's actually enjoyable should be cheered. That it's one of the strongest films of the year and a possible Best Picture candidate? A minor miracle.
Horns  (Anchor Bay)               (GeekRex review here)

There's a lot to like about Horns, but the movie just doesn't hang together as well as it could or should. At its best, Horns asks if it is better to be the only innocent in a fallen world, or to embrace your darkness to expose the lies at the heart of society. It is epic, a fantastical ode to human misery, but without the humor of its best segments to leaven things a bit, it comes across as naive and preposterous. Radcliffe is having a blast and Hill's novel is pretty killer, but Alexandre Aja and writer Keith Bunin have created a film that leans more towards Ghost Rider than Gone Girl, and last I checked, no one even wanted the Ghost Rider films they already had, let alone an off-brand remake.
The Guest  (Universal)             (GeekRex review here)
Pulling equally from John Carpenter and James Cameron, Wingard & Barrett have crafted a tense, funny crowd-pleaser in the vein of their excellent You're Next. Don't expect to see it on many Best of 2014 lists; do expect to see it as a Halloween cult classic for years to come.
Get On Up   (Universal)
No Good Deed  (Sony)
Left Behind  (Entertainment One)
Dinosaur 13  (Lions Gate)
The Sword of Doom  (Criterion Collection)

Girls, Season 3  (HBO)           (GeekRex review here)
The two episodes were not quite up to par with the gold of season one, but rectified most of the mistakes of season two. The characters themselves continue to be the best thing about the show. Adam (Adam Driver) is still the funniest and most interesting character as the weird, artistic boyfriend who can still be a typical boyfriend. He provides most of the laughs as we see Hannah and her friends, ranging from goofy to spastic to psycho, drive him crazy.
Looking, Season 1  (HBO)
Black Sails, Season 1  (Anchor Bay/Starz)
Archer, Season 5  (20th Century Fox) 

New On Netflix, Hulu, & Amazon Instant

Notable New Releases on Netflix
The Trip to Italy  (2014)         (GeekRex review here)
The major improvement of this film over its predecessor is in the food. It's not a stretch to say that Italian food is much easier to present in a mouth-watering way than traditional English food, and The Trip to Italy serves up dish after dish of carb-laden food porn.
Nymphomaniac: The Extended Director's Cut Vol. 1 & Vol. 2  (2014)
Chinatown  (1974)
The Apartment  (1960)

Notable New Releases on Amazon Instant Video

Locke  (2014)                          (GeekRex review here)
While there are moments throughout the film that I wondered if he would ever reach his end-point at the hospital, with the tension that comes from someone distractedly driving; the metaphorical car-crash had already occurred for Ivan Locke, during a cold, lonely night with too much wine. Everything that occurs during Locke's 90 minute journey is the painful aftermath, and makes for one of the year's most intriguing theatrical experiences.
Borgman  (2013)
Annie  (1982)
Friday the 13th  (1980)

Notable Releases on Hulu & Hulu+

Four Months, Three Weeks, Two Days  (2008)
X-Men: The Complete Animated Series  (1992-1997)
Watership Down  (1978)
The Collected Films of Satyajit Ray (1960-1991) - Currently free to all viewers
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