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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sony, Marvel Discussed Spider-Man Coming To The MCU

It was rumored right before the big Marvel Phase 3 Announcement that Marvel and Sony had possibly entered into negotiations over the film use of Spider-Man. It began to make even more sense after it had been announced that Robert Downey Jr. would be joining the cast of Captain America: Civil War, given the big role Spider-Man plays in that story in the comics.

But after Marvel's Phase 3 announcement, and not a peep was uttered that was Spider-Man related, Kevin Feige dismissed those claims as "rumors".

Perhaps Feige was being coy. As it turns out, thanks to the big Sony hack, the two companies were indeed actively engaged in negotiations per The Wall Street Journal. In emails between Sony head Amy Pascal and a number of executives at Sony and Walt Disney a scenario was discussed where Marvel would produce a new trilogy of Spider-Man films while Sony would retain "creative control, marketing, and distribution". Additionally, Pascal revealed to her business partners that Marvel wanted Spider-Man to appear in the upcoming Captain America film.

This, of course, is all for naught, but it does indicate that the two studios have at least sat down at the negotiating table to an extent and may not rule out a future agreement.

So what is Sony doing with Spider-Man at this point? Not much, though an animated Spider-Man comedy produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller is in development. Sony will be convening to discuss the future of the moribund franchise next month at a "Spidey-summit".
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