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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

NBC Announces 'Constantine' Return Date For January

When NBC's take on DC/Vertigo's chain-smoking anti-hero struggled in the ratings, the network halted production on Constantine after 13 episodes. Middling critical response and a terrible time-slot (Friday nights at 10 pm) didn't help its cause, and the question became when/if NBC would ever air those remaining episodes after its mid-season finale capped out at the 8th episode.

Fans of the series took to social media with the #SaveConstantine hashtag, trying to stave off what seemed like the inevitable cancellation of the new series. Even executive producer Daniel Cerone got in on the grassroots action.

If nothing else, NBC has provided a stay of execution today, as the show's official Twitter feed has announced Constantine's return on January 16th at 8 pm, where the 5 remaining episodes will air.

Will a new time-slot provide a shot in the arm or will it just be a fulfilling of an obligation? Time and viewership will tell.
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