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Monday, December 1, 2014

Best Covers of the Week, Vol. 50: GIANT-SIZED

In honor of our 50th straight week of giving you the picks for best covers hitting shelves each and every Wednesday, we present a special Giant-Sized edition!

Action Comics #37
by Darwyn Cooke

It looks like one of my favorite artists is doing a bunch of variants for DC this month, all wraparounds! This is my favorite so far, absolutely gorgeous and dripping with Golden Age optimism and action.

 Gotham Academy #3
by Karl Kerschl

I love the unique angle, and the level of detail. You can almost hear the conversation going on, and all without seeing a single face! 

Hinterkind #13
by Marguerite Sauvage

A really nice, classically designed cover, but with a lot going on and some excellent color design.

 Angela: Asgard's Assassin #1
by Stephanie Hans

I love the contract between the dark sky and the rainbow bridge–Hans is able to make what at first glance appears bright into something dark and full of destruction.

 Shaft #1
by Michael Avon Oeming

Truly excellent design as Oeming is famous for–the lack of outlining really gives this one a lot of depth, and the color choices are right on point for this tone.

 Detective Comics #37
by Francis Manapul

The title-as-art master has returned! This is one of the best of Manapul's covers that integrates the text into the art, giving us two opposing styles and font designs to represent the two characters of Batman and Anarky.

 Grayson #5
by Mikel Janin

Monochromatic covers, especially with a minimalist line, are hard to give depth to, but Janin gives us a cover that feels like a window into this world.

 Secret Six #1
by Dale Eaglesham

It's gimmicky, sure, but a super fun design nonetheless. The light green and red, too, are hues that aren't usually seen on covers, and make it stand out further.

 Army of Darkness #1
by Jay Shaw

Given that this new series takes Ash into space (because you demanded it?), this is an exceptionally clever cover that really captures the mood of the Evil Dead series. I want this as a poster on my wall!

Detective Comics #37
by Tim Sale

Detective Comics has an embarrassment of riches in great cover artists this month. This one doesn't stray far from Sale's usual fare, but his version of Batman and Gotham never cease to get a reaction with his gorgeous ink work.

Vampirella #7
by Jenny Frison

Frison has cemented herself as a powerhouse of lovely cover work, and this is among her best. Great framing and posing, but the shading is impeccable and really sets the tone.

 Valiant Sized Quantum & Woody #1
by Chip Zdarsky

Zdarsky is most well known for his silly covers with meta commentary–which are totally awesome–but it's great to be reminded that the guy is a fantastic artist with a great eye for design, too.

 Archie #662
by Genevieve F.T.

I love this style, and the gag is pretty funny, but the rosey holiday color palette is what really sells this one for me. 

 Detective Comics #37
by Darwyn Cooke

Remember what I said about the artists on Detective cover duty this month? Cooke captures this scene not often shown with detail and great compassion for the character. 

Whew! That's it for this week. What did I miss? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook!   

Hey! Loyal readers! I'm working on something special for the end of the year for us comic cover enthusiasts, so keep an eye out! If you have any suggestions for best covers of the year, send them our way!
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