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Monday, November 3, 2014

The Avengers: Age of Ultron And Ant-Man To Feature More Returning Marvel Characters

We spoke about it previously, but a recent casting call for Marvel's Ant-Man confirms that Hayley Atwell's Peggy Carter will be appearing, presumably in a flashback scene, in the film. The casting call is actually for a stand-in for the actress, so any of you local Atlanta ladies that fit the bill here should consider applying, via /Film:
NLC is searching for an experienced stand in for Haley Atwell. She is 31, 5’7?, 112 lbs. This will work in November on a Sunday. Please submit to nlcstandin@gmail.com with your headshot, age, height, weight and sizes. Must have experience. Thanks.
This likely confirms earlier reports of younger versions of Alexander Pierce, Toby Jones and Howard Stark (who we knew was already appearing, thanks to John Slattery's casting) being in the film alongside Agent Carter.

Also, over the weekend Idris Elba spilled the beans about his involvement in the upcoming Avengers sequel, telling The Telegraph that he will be appearing alongside Loki and Thor in a scene for Age of Ultron. Fans of Tom Hiddleston and Idris Elba can rejoice, you won't have to wait until the latest mediocre to terrible Thor film to see them again in full regalia!
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