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Monday, November 17, 2014

Take A Look At This 5 Page Preview For 'Multiversity: Pax Americana'

This Wednesday sees the release of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's Pax Americana, the fourth issue of Morrison's Multiversity mini-series, and their take on the inhabitants of DC's Earth-4: the very same characters that inspired Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' Watchmen.

When speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Morrison described the issue:

I suppose it’s about America and specifically about America’s self-image as the world’s policeman. It tries to make a mind-devouring narrative Mobius strip out of the complicated, contradictory idea of using violence to enforce “peace.”
On a narrower wavelength, it might also cast a jaded eye on how lessons learned from the leftist, deconstructionist “realistic” superhero stories of the 1980s were assimilated and re-tooled to create post-9/11 Marvel Studios-style “realistic” super-soldiers and champions of the Military/Industrial complex.
Otherwise, it tells the Twilight Zone-ish story of a man’s life in a series of backward jumps through time—from his assassination as U.S. President on the first page to the traumatic boyhood event on the last page that explains everything we’ve just read in the 38 pages in between. It’s set on Earth-4 of the Multiverse of alternate worlds and it’s a kind of political-philosophical-thriller thing featuring the superheroes DC acquired from Charlton Comics back in 1983. The Charlton originals helped inspire the protagonists of “Watchmen,” of course, so we thought it would serve symmetry to put Captain Atom, the Blue Beetle, Nightshade, and the Question into a highly formal, “Watchmen”-style deconstructionist murder mystery story they can call their own!
EW also provided the following five-page preview:

I maintain that my favorite Morrison works are the ones he embarked on with Frank Quitely (All Star Superman, We3, Flex Mentallo, New X-Men, Batman and Robin). My second favorite partner of his is Cameron Stewart, luckily Thunderworld is just a month away.
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