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Friday, November 21, 2014

Marvel Announces 'Howard The Duck' By Chip Zdarsky And Joe Quinones

Howard the Duck cameos at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy to fan-boy excitement. 

Marvel then releases a Howard the Duck Omnibus.

It was only a matter of time before a new on-going was going to debut and, like clockwork, Marvel announced one today.

Of greater note though is the creative team behind it, made up of Chip Zdarsky, the artist and co-creator of the massive Image hit Sex Criminals, and artist Joe Quinones. Chip is a massive convention hit, and his strain of subversive humor is a relatively perfect fit for Steve Gerber's greatest legacy.

The new team had this to say to Entertainment Weekly:

What can readers expect from your work on Howard the Duck? Comedy is obviously a huge part—will there be a lot of visual humor? Chip, will fans of Sex Criminals find themselves at home here? 
QUINONES: Nah. I think we’re going for something a bit more grounded here. We really wanted to explore Howard’s pain and loneliness, and how he expresses his outsider frustrations with extreme violence. Kidding! It’s definitely meant to be funny. I’m a big comedy fan, so expect a lot of visual gags throughout. Chip and I have already been brainstorming some on the subject. 
ZDARSKY: Expect a humorous tale of time and sexuality! I’ve basically just copied Matt’s first three Sex Criminals scripts and replaced characters with Howard and some C-level superheroes. I think it’s going to be fun! We’ll get to explore the Marvel Universe with a very short tour guide and a very good artist and me, a man who dresses as Garfield on the weekends.
Ha ha, I’m writing Howard the Duck!

If the Lemire Hawkeye title doesn't quite take off with those fans looking for their "HawkGuy" style yuks, perhaps this is the replacement title Marvel has long looked to create. It's coming this Spring.
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