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Monday, November 17, 2014

FX Producing 'From Hell' Mini-Series

From Hell, Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell's stunning graphic novel about the "Jack the 
Ripper" murders. is one of my all-time favorite works of sequential art. In many ways, I think it surpasses even Watchmen in the storied career of Moore.

It also made for a terrible movie by the Hughes Brothers starring Johnny Depp.

Don Murphy, the producer behind that film, is giving it another shot according to Deadline, bringing From Hell to FX as a mini-series penned by David Arata, best known as the screenwriter of Children of Men.

FX has been doing strong work lately in their original series department and is starting to give AMC a run for their money in who can be the "King of Basic Cable". With visceral series like Fargo and The Americans, the channel appears to be the perfect fit for Moore and Campbell's gruesome yet also strangely poignant story.

If nothing else, it hopefully will give the public another opportunity to check out the immaculately researched original work, which unjustly has a good deal of misperception surrounding it thanks to the aforementioned film.

Its also a pretty key influence on True Detective, as someone may have mentioned to you, many months ago.

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