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Monday, November 17, 2014

Crossbones To Be Main Villain In 'Captain America: Civil War'

Last week, we reported that Daniel Bruhl had joined the cast of Captain America: Civil War in an undisclosed villain role. While reports are indeed conflicting as to how big his role in the actual film will be (with some claims that he may be instead playing the main bad guy of Doctor Strange), Variety's Justin Kroll cleared the air as to who will be the main antagonist of the new film, Frank Grillo's Crossbones:

Makes sense, Grillo acquitted himself well in The Winter Soldier, and Crossbones is a pretty great bad guy in the comics, particularly playing a central role in the death of Captain America during Ed Brubaker's seminal run.

On that subject, Deadline is keeping the "Russo Bros. will take over the Avengers after Whedon leaves" rumors alive by reporting that they are still likely to tackle The Infinity War two-parter after Whedon's contract expires. I'm sure after Whedon racks up big box office dollars next year, he'll want to do something of his own, and while I think James Gunn would be a better choice to take over The Avengers franchise, Joe and Anthony Russo are clearly being primed by the studio for bigger things.
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