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Friday, October 17, 2014

Tom Hardy, Will Smith, and Margot Robbie Close To Signing Up For 'Suicide Squad'

A lot of the time, you'll see a casting rumor and just scoff at it, particularly those that involve Ryan Gosling and Will Smith. So when reports surfaced that both actors, along with Tom Hardy and Margot Robbie were being circled as possible choices for David Ayer's Suicide Squad, I was hesitant to even report on it.

There's literally no way Ryan Gosling to going to be in a superhero movie, as I know he's turned down multiple offers before. But the other three? Sure, Smith's star is fading a bit, but that's still a big name and Hardy just got done with a DC property. Again, I couldn't help but doubt this stuff, despite Robbie being a more distinct possibility, and on the verge of a blockbuster break-out.

Now Deadline is reporting that, indeed, Hardy, Smith and Robbie are all "close" to signing up for the picture. It's not official yet, but talk about some audacious casting if it happens, particularly for such an oddball property. There's no real indication how Suicide Squad would fit into the bigger DC Cinematic World, given that all the films to follow are so Justice League based and likely steering towards a larger canvass than the more espionage like affairs of the Suicide Squad. But perhaps that lack of a bigger commitment (plus working with David Ayer) is a draw for bigger stars.

So, if they sign on, who could they play? While we've heard rumors about which characters would appear in the film, Robbie doesn't really fit into those characters as currently conceived and really neither does Smith.

If I had to guess, the rumored list is likely incorrect, and instead we'll be seeing Hardy playing Deadshot, Smith as Bronze Tiger, and Robbie as Harley Quinn. Warner Bros wouldn't dare change the race of Vixen or Amanda Waller, and with Harley Quinn being the biggest selling DC comic that isn't Batman, its too perfect an opportunity for DC brass.

Hardy or Smith could really play any part, but Deadshot is conceivably the lead, as has usually been the case in the comic and anytime the character appears in other media. Ryan Gosling is a slightly better choice for the role (with Hardy playing Digger Harkness), but Hardy could just as easily slot in as Deadshot. Smith could really play just about any male part, but Bronze Tiger is one of the more notable members of the Squad, and also recently appeared last season on Arrow played by Michael Jai White. Clearly DC Entertainment is hoping to up that characters recognition a bit too.

I still figure Gosling is a no-go though.
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