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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The GeekRex Comic Buyer's Guide (10/8/14)

We know walking into your local comic shop or browsing the new titles on Comixology can be harrowing, particularly with the rising prices of comics. The GeekRex team feels your pain, so that's why each week two members of our team will collaborate and highlight the "must-buys" of every Wednesday, and we'll make sure we keep the tab under 20 bucks. Props to MultiversityComics for coming up with the great idea–we hope you like our spin on it!

This Week's Team: Cal and Shane

Batman #35 - $4.99

Not only does October get to be an awesome month because of Halloween, but we also get the start of a brand new story arc on Batman!  Coming off the year long re-imagining of Batman's origins in Zero Year, the latest arc is called End Game....and that is pretty much all we know about it.  Snyder and Capullo have given some interviews to the likes of USA Today this week, but are still being coy with the details of this story.  Can't say I love that this book will be five bucks for the duration of the arc, but I'm excited to see Capullo stretch his talents to the Justice League.

Avengers & X-men: AXIS #1 - $4.99

It hasn't been that long since Original Sin came to a close, but the time has come once again for a Marvel crossover event book.  This time around, Rick Remender takes the reins for the 9 issue AXIS, which runs from this week until the end of 2014, promising to be a game changer for the continuity of the Marvel Universe.  I (Shane) am probably the only member of the GeekRex team somewhat excited about this book, but we will see how long that excitement lasts.  The return of Onslaught is definitely a silly one, but I'll admit that AXIS has me wanting to catch up on Uncanny Avengers.

Batgirl #35 - $2.99

As much as I love Gail Simone, there was something about her run that just never quite clicked for me. As information about editorial policies leaked out, things began to come together, and when I saw the cover for the Stewart/Fletcher/Tarr Batgirl #35, I knew exactly what was missing. Barbara Gordon used to be one of comics' most vivacious heroines, a quality utterly missing from the dour Simone Batgirl (and from DC in general for a couple years). This looks to be bringing that back in a grand fashion, and I couldn't be more excited.

Birthright #1 - $2.99

If you've been following our comics coverage over the past few months, you know that we here at GeekRex are really enjoying the indie work that writer Joshua Williamson is putting out right now.  Ghosted and Nailbiter are awesome works of horror to see unfold each month, and we cannot wait for you all to see his work on Predator!  Now, Williamson is taking on fantasy and blending it with the modern era to create a comic called Birthright.  A boy named Mikey mysteriously returns after going missing before his birthday with a new lease on life.  Everyone who has read this has loved it, so consider our interest piqued.

Wytches #1 - $2.99

When I wrote about Scott Snyder's career, I frequently came to realize that the bigger Snyder's stories got, the less likely I was to love them. So I'm incredibly excited to see Wytches, a return to his character-driven horror roots and a return to Image after the company has made a name for smart, creepy, creator-driven books. And he's teaming up once again with Jock, who worked with him on his brief, career-making run on Detective Comics pre-New 52. There's no way I'm not giving this one a shot.

Total Price: $18.95

Pick of the Week

All-New X-Men, Vol. 1
Written by Brian Michael Bendis, Art by Stuart Immonen and David Marquez

Brian Michael Bendis' two X-Men books - Uncanny X-Men and All-New X-Men - are the best books the franchise has seen since Morrison's tenure with the team. Quick, enjoyable, unpredictable, the X-Men play into Bendis' style in a way the Avengers never did, and All-New X-Men is a particular treat. Beast, in an effort to fuck with Cyclops after he killed Professor Xavier in Avengers Vs. X-Men, brings the original five X-Men (Cyclops, Beast, Angel, Ice Man, and, most controversially, Jean Gray) into the present, only to find that the kids don't want to go back to live with the messes their lives become when they can work together to try to fix the present. It's a pitch-perfect ensemble superhero book from a writer who had been languishing in a franchise that didn't suit his style for years. And bringing Stuart Immonen (NextWAVE) on as his artistic collaborator gives the book a ton of personality. 

All-New X-Men Vol. 1 is available now at comic shops, and comes out next week at Amazon. The book is an oversized hardcover collection of the series' first two arcs, previously collected as Yesterday's X-Men and Here to Stay. A must-read for lapsed X-Men fans.

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