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Monday, October 20, 2014

Peter Tomasi Reveals Robin's Upcoming Fate

Damian Wayne has been dead now for well over a year, and it was a nicely done send-off, as written by Grant Morrison in the pages of Batman Incorporated.

Since then, while other Batman related titles have moved on, Peter Tomasi's Batman & Robin has been mired in the grief of loss. Whether this is a good thing or not, I leave to your discretion. In recent months, Bruce has attempted to bring Damian back to life in various ways, including going to Apokolips for the "Robin Rises" storyline. Now, ahead of DC's January solicits, Tomasi has revealed the cover of Batman & Robin #38:

Looks like Damian is back, and maybe superpowered? We'll know soon enough. Hardcore Damian fans can rejoice! Me? I'll just sit here and shake my head a bit. Morrison got it right the first time, and I *like* the character.

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