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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

10 Amazing Easter Eggs You Missed During 'Gotham'

So did everyone catch the premiere of Gotham on FOX last night?  If not, what's wrong with you?  Now, I know a lot of other superhero shows are coming on in the next month or so, but Gotham's pilot just may have been the greatest hour of television in comic book history!  Seriously!  Everything was so amazing and so amazingly well done.  Cheers to Bruno Heller and everyone involved in telling stories which have NEVER been told in the pages of comics!  I mean...I've only read a few Batman books in my day, but I'm pretty sure none of these origin stories have ever been told.  Weird that DC never thought to do that before.

Anyway, you may not have known this, but last night's premiere of Gotham has some amazingly subtle and well hidden Easter Eggs about a larger universe that exists in the world of this show.  Now I know some of you may think this is just DC trying to catch up with Marvel, but that's just stupid.  These Easter Eggs were incredibly well done, and, looking around the internet, I think I'm the only one who spotted them.  Below you'll find what I thought were the 10 best of these hidden gems in Gotham.  There were LOTS more, but you'll just have to find them yourself =].

1. Gotham City

Now, you may not have picked up on this, but Gotham gets its title from Gotham City.  That is the setting for this show, but it is only mentioned in an off-handed fashion by some of the characters (go back and re-watch it, though...it's there!).  In the DC Comics, Gotham City is a pretty bad place, but is mostly known for being where BATMAN hangs out! You guys think we might get to see him on this show?  Keep scrolling, because we may already have!

2. James Gordon

Ben McKenzie, pretty much my favorite actor ever after last night, is playing our main character of this series: James Gordon.  You probably know this, but did you know Gordon is a huge character in the comics?  Yep, the man becomes commissioner of the Gotham Police and works with Batman quite a bit!  So cool that that Easter Egg was nestled in this episode and that this origin story is finally being told.  Hopefully we get a good origin for his mustache and glasses.

3. Bruce Wayne

That little boy in that episode last night?  Bet you thought he was just a little kid and you wouldn't see him again, right? WRONG!  This may have been the best Easter Egg of the night.  Now, I don't want to ruin things for you, but SPOILER ALERT: Bruce Wayne becomes Batman.  Cool, right?!  I know what you're thinking: but he was just a little boy in last night's episode?  Well we are getting the origins for this character...something DC may have told only once (MAYBE twice).  But don't worry...I'm sure Batman is coming.

4. Bruce Wayne's Parents

Now, I thought it was pretty neat-o that we were getting Bruce Wayne's origins for the very first time, but Gotham had an amazing call back to Detective Comics #27 by showing Bruce Wayne's parents: Thomas and Martha Wayne!  These characters are rarely mentioned in the comics these days, so you really had to be a big comic book nerd to spot what Gotham was referencing here.  Hopefully this isn't the last time this show will mention these characters as we really don't know anything about them.

5. Alfred

That mean British guy in last night's episode?  That was Alfred Pennyworth, butler to the Wayne family.  I know from Twitter reaction that a lot of comic book fans were stoked to see this character show up as he hasn't been mentioned in the comics since the New 52 (aka the worst thing DC ever did ever) began.  He doesn't really do much...I'm not even sure he knows Bruce Wayne is going to become Batman, but maybe Gotham is bringing a lot of changes to him, which is super cool.

6. Gotham City Police Department

We had several scenes take place in a pretty big place where Bullock and Gordon work.  Did you notice what it was?  Don't worry, I was watching too!  It was the Gotham City Police Department!  Now they play a pretty big role in the comics, mostly because they end up having the Bat Signal on their roof!  I really hope we see just, like, a regular spotlight on their roof next week, I just think that would be a mind-blowing way to reference yet another origin story for this series.

7. The Riddler

Now this one was a serious blink and you'll miss it, but that nerdy guy with the bullet in the evidence bag?  He was actually one of Batman's most known foes: THE RIDDLER!  You may want to go back and watch it, but your clue was Bullock telling the guy (Edward Nygma) NOT to tell him any riddles.  Like he could do that!  Ha!  Such a great, quick cameo.

8. The Penguin

Okay, okay.  This one you probably spotted without my help.  I think they mentioned it maybe once in the entire episode that Oswald Cobblepot is like a penguin.  You know why that is?  Well, in the comics, he becomes Batman's villain...THE PENGUIN!  Crazy, right?  Such a cool nod!  I also really appreciated the further important nods to his comic book origins such as murdering homeless people for sandwiches.  Such random and savage brutality is a hallmark of this character.  

9. Catwoman

I'll admit it...this one took my quite a few re-watches to spot.  I was not sure AT ALL who this girl with goggles stealing milk was supposed to be at first.  I figured she must have been an original character for this series like Harvey Bullock, because there was no way she was someone from the comics.  How wrong I was!  Did you notice she gave her stolen milk to a cat?  I'm pretty sure this is supposed to mean she is Catwoman.  I'm not 100% on this just yet, but I'm pretty positive that was an Easter Egg.

10. Crime

Wow.  This Easter Egg may have shown up the most, but absolutely no one picked up on it!  Now that you know Gotham takes place in Gotham City, you should know that, in the comics, Gotham is run rampant with crime.  Raping, murdering, gambling...it doesn't really matter the crime; it happens in Gotham!  Such a nice nod to the comics that the Gotham of Gotham has crime just like the Gotham of the comics.

Well there you have it, folks!  My top 10 Easter Eggs from last nights episode of Gotham!  Hopefully you have the episode saved on your DVR, because you are going to have to go back and re-watch it several times just to catch half of these hidden gems I've discussed here.  Once you do, I'm sure you'll have an even greater appreciation for what could easily become the greatest television series to ever exist in the history of everything. 

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