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Thursday, June 12, 2014

GeekRex Quick-Take: Obvious Child

The Buzz: Obvious Child stars Jenny Slate, the actress/comedian known for a variety of endeavors, including: the creator & voice of Marcel the Shell, SNL veteran, and recurring character Mona Lisa on Parks & Recreation. The film picked up buzz at Sundance 2014 when it won the Red Crown Producer's Award and a $10,000 grant. Obvious Child was written and directed by Gillian Robespierre, who first penned it as a short film and then expanded it into a feature-length film based on critical reception.

What's Great About This Movie: The elevator pitch for this movie is that it's basically like watching Knocked Up if Katherine Heigl's character decided to have an abortion instead of a baby. The film is bold and surprisingly funny, but also caring and supportive when it comes to approaching such a sensitive topic. Obvious Child also features refreshingly funny, well-developed female leads. In an interview with Film Linc, Robespierre said of the film's inception: "We were waiting to see a film in which a woman makes a different choice—and it doesn't define her life. But we weren’t sure how long that wait was going to be. So we decided to make the film ourselves."

What's Not-So-Great About this Movie: At it's heart this is still a romantic comedy rather than a straight up comedy. Jake Lacy (best known for his role of Pete on The Office's later seasons) plays Slate's romantic interest, and while he's likable enough, he's also fairly one-dimensional and plays your basic white knight. That said, it's nice to see a movie where the male roles are underdeveloped instead of the females, for once. 
Final Verdict: Though it's not available everywhere, this is a refreshing, funny and original movie that is absolutely worth the buzz. See it in theaters if you have the option, otherwise wait for it to show up in stores and online. 
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