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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Five Things To Expect In 'Game Of Thrones' Season 5

Erin Miller is a good friend of the site and our resident 'Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire' expert, having read all the books in the series.

Now that Season 4 of the HBO series Game of Thrones has wrapped up, we have some predictions for how the show will handle Season 5. The predictions contain light/minor spoilers drawing from the 4th and 5th books.

1.      The Dornish are Coming

Oberyn Martell often described the virtues of his homeland of Dorne, and this season, viewers should see the land in its splendor.  Like the viewers, most citizens of the Seven Kingdoms have not seen Dorne, as it is difficult to complete a journey to this land.  The mountains and desert between Storm’s End/ Highgarden and Dorne would punish any traveler--and invading army.   As a result, Dorne remains a mystery to most and a political afterthought to many. 
Expect to be treated to the Dornish way of life--hot climate, pools, unique cuisine, specialty wines, and clothes that rival Cher’s wardrobe from the 1970s.  From a political perspective, Dorne differs from its kingdom counterparts because it allows equal primogeniture, and has an heiress apparent in Princess Arianne.  Expect to see Arianne feel insecure with her status.  Her cousins, the “Sand Snakes” will appear to offer Arianne support, and will also be feeling a little vengeful after learning of their father’s blunt handling by Gregor Clegane. 

2.      The Choices of Mistress Daenerys

Daenerys is adjusting to life as the Queen of Meereen, even if it wasn’t her intended goal when she met the Dothraki in the pilot episode.  She begins to consider choices of when—and if—she should continue to head west and strike while the Seven Kingdoms are fragmented and led by a boy king.  She also begins to consider choices of love and duty.  While she begins to consider strategic suitors for marriage within Meereen, she also begins to realize that she loves someone that she cannot marry for the sake of her kingdom’s stability.  Also, she might have an unsolicited suitor or two from the West, including one that has an interest in her dragons.

3.       Two Characters, Two Incredible Journeys

Arya and Tyrion are on a boat.  Well, not a singular boat, but both characters ride across the sea to experience a vastly different lifestyle and learn potential secrets.  One character learns the secret of mind control, while another learns of other potential heirs that could add another contender to the Seven Kingdoms.  Also, expect imposters for both characters to appear, which leads to unfortunate results for the imposters.  For the real Arya and Tyrion, expect to see more of the Eastern world, ninja moves, and witty one-liners.

4.      “Hey, that’s not in the book”

Expect a few characters to have plots that are off-course from the books.  One of the characters experiencing a new plot is Sansa.  The show alludes that she is living openly as Sansa Stark in the Eyrie and is constantly engaged in a lovestruck staring contest with Petyr Balish.  I find this plot diversion especially interesting because while Sansa is not known for making wise decisions, Petyr Balish is unlikely to let feelings for his Catelyn/Lolita hybrid cloud his judgment.  Expect the unexpected with Sansa and Littlefinger, as well as Stannis.  Expect to see liberties taken with his plot and the movement of his army, as they serve as backstories in the books until a potential showdown at the end of A Dance with Dragons. 

5.      The Walking (Un)Dead

I truly wish that HBO would have shown a few of the final chapters of Storm of Swords in order as the final three scenes of Season 4.  Those chapters are:

Chapter 77:  Describes Lisa Arryn’s final appearance from Season 4
Chapter 80:  Describes Tywin Lannister’s final appearance from Season 4
Epilogue:  One of the POV characters receives the Beric Dondarrion treatment

Adding the Epilogue’s story to Season 5 instead would serve as a major surprise and as a tie to the R'hllor religion that is championed by Mellisandre.  Also, it would connect the plot with that of the frozen Others that mysteriously reside beyond The Wall.  Finally, a seemingly dead fighter might appear as a champion for a major character.  Expect to see the Undead be a large part of the story along with the beloved (and hated) major characters.

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