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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Best Covers of the Week, Vol. 25

Welcome to the 25th edition of best covers of the week!

 Dead Letters #3
by Ron Wimberly

I like the subtlety of the both styles of shading and coloring gone over here, just super stylish.

  Secret Avengers #4
by Tradd Moore

The contrast of the cartoony character bubbles against the extremely detailed background makes this cover one of my favorites of Moore's.

  Astro City #13
by Alex Ross

Wow! What a rich cover, and the psychedelically neon background is at odds with Ross's usual style in the foreground in a headachey wonderful kind of way.

  Green Lantern Corps. #32
by Bernard Chang

Of the bombshell variants this week, this is the best; it's clever, funny, and just the right amount of sexy.

  Starlight #4
by Goran Parlov

The simplicity of this one is actually kind of stunning. Next to all the more glorious space opera style covers of this series, the Aja-like style on this one is by far the most intriguing.

  Detective Comics #32
by Francis Manapul

I'm glad it's not just in the titular Batman title that Gotham has become a radiantly colorful place, and I like that they've moved the title to better suit the composition.

  Royals: Masters of War #4
by Simon Coleby

The framing bombs here just give such a sense of weight and danger that lends itself well to the setting and concept of this book.

  Superboy #32
by Karl Kerschl

It's been such a great week for colorful covers I couldn't help but include this one!

  She-Hulk #5
by Kevin Wada

Another gorgeous cover by Wada! How can you not be in love with Jennifer Walters?

Whew! That's it for this week. What did I miss? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook!  
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