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Friday, May 30, 2014

The GeekRex Podcast Episode 51 - 'Mad Men' Season 7 (the first half)

Kyle and Hannah are joined by comics creator Josh Trujillo (Love Machines) where we discuss the first half of Season 7 of Mad Men. Has Don found his purpose yet? Is Peggy still the show's equivalent of "Grumpy Cat"? Did Bob Benson's appearance fill our quota? Find out our thoughts on each character arc and where we think it might all be going.
Music appearing in this episode:
"On a Carousel" - The Hollies
"Mad Men Theme"
"You Just Keep Me Hangin On" - Vanilla Fudge
"The Best Things In Life Are Free" - Robert Morse
You can listen to the latest episode of the GeekRex podcast on the player below (or if your browser does not support it, on our Podomatic page, or on iTunes).
You can find Josh Trujillo's Love Machines on Comixology or at his website.
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