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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Best Covers of the Week, Vol. 20

I'll bet that giant purple gila monster just wanted a copy of this week's Black Widow #6...

 Fairest #26
by Adam Hughes

I often don't like computer generated lighting effects in comics, but when it works, it works. This one feels genuinely terrifying and has a lot of movement.

  Miracleman #5
by Jim Cheung

I like the layers here, the use of classic comics as the background, the more modern figure in the midground, and the very stylized, very contemporary smoke in the foreground.

  Original Sin #1
by Julian Totino Tedesco

I should be sick of this since we've been seeing it for months in the promos, but I'm just not. I love Tedesco's style that draws attention to the shading and coloring, and I think the perspective and lettering are really noteworthy.

  Hinterkind #7
 by Greg Tocchini

I like that it took me a minute to figure out exactly what was going on here; I think there's an intentional disorienting effect that matches the feeling you might have trying to ride a roaring dragon.
Amelia Cole and the Hidden War GN
by Nick Brokenshire

I don't usually spotlight GNs or TPBs, but this was a digital first work which missed out getting in here as it was coming out. This cover is fun as hell, and the lettering on the title is really great!

  Black Widow #6
by Phil Noto

Noto's been cranking out some excellent work on this book, and this might be his best. A super clever concept tied with very fine linework and minimalist coloring make this one not just striking, but leaves a lasting impression.

Revival #20
by Jenny Frison

 This cover is hilarious. It's so tonally different from the other covers in the series, but the wonderful soft shading by Frison is just as present here as in the others.

That's it for this week! What did I miss? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook!  
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