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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Best Covers of the Week, Vol. 18

The Thing was this close to having a copy of the gorgeous Rivera variant of Elektra, but Dr. Doom swiped it at the LCBS first!

Mind MGMT #21
by Matt Kindt

This one really stands out from the rest of his covers as being possibly a different medium. Rather than the usual watercolor, this looks like maybe charcoal with some fine pencilling. Really interesting for this series' "silent issue."

Five Ghosts #11
by Chris Mooneyham

You know I'm a sucker for homage/nostalgia covers. It would be hard for this to be any more authentic, and the lettering is fantastic!

  Elektra #1
by Michael Del

This makes me excited about a character I normally would have no interest in. Very clever design, but the execution (pun intended) is really well done. A future classic.

Elektra #1
by Paolo Rivera

Rivera did not take the more design-y route, but rather used his trademark intriguing framing to pull this one off. I love the ripping fabric as a framing device and the tilted angle, and the muted colors make it feel less like a swashbuckling romp and more like a midnight assassination.

The Fuse #3
by Jamie McKelvie

Very nice use of negative space, and gives you a real look at the two main characters in an interesting way.

 The Shadow Now #6
by Tim Bradstreet

Love the lack of depth here, very cel-shaded but has an element of photo-realism in the face and hands. The retro paper creases are a really nice touch as well.

 Ghosted #9
by Matteo Scalera

Scalera is one of the best guys out there, and his impressionistic feel and wild strokes are uniquely cool. I also really like the way the title works within the art.

Harbinger #22
by Michael Walsh

Walsh does great stuff, and this is one of his best covers. The silhouettes and beautiful painted sky are very cinematic as the eye moves down to the dramatic title design. Very cool!

That's it for this week! What did I miss? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook!  
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