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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Best Covers of the Week, Vol. 16

I am vengeance. I am the night. I. Am. This week's best comic book covers!

Shutter #1
by Leila Del

Damn you, Image! Their #1's always have such great covers I can't resist giving them a shot. This one is striking as it's content is so unique; it feels as familiarly urban as it does alien.

  All-New Ultimates #1
by David Nakayama

I love cel-shaded style covers, and this is a good one. Plus, yellow covers always stand out—I think I read that Morrison and Quitely chose yellow as the background for Batman & Robin #1 because statistically it was the least used color in covers.

 Judge Dread #18
by Shane Pierce

I love the contract of the painterly style and ghastly subject matter. Nice muted color palette as well.

  Daredevil #1.50
by Paolo Rivera

Anniversary covers can either be overdone or awesome, and this one is totally awesome. Really cool including all the versions of the character and the creators that left a mark on him in a clever way. When I first glanced, I thought the flying Daredevil in the center was a photo of an action figure—Rivera really did a great job making it stand apart from the background that really pops!

  Lola Xoxo #1
by Siya Oum

Sometimes it's great when you can really see the process in the art. Oum does some really interesting work within the good girl art genre, and this one is no exception: great texture, coloring, and a sense of subtle movement.

  What if: Age of Ultron #2
by James Stokoe

Two words: James Stokoe. This guy could do the cover for just about anything and I'd be interested. Very cool world he's created on this cover!

Creepy #16
by Julian Totino Tedesco

Beautiful coloring in this classic horror comics cover!

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