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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Best Covers of the Week, Vol. 11

New comic covers errbody! In lieu of the usual logo, enjoy the gif of one of my all-time covers animated!

 She-Hulk #2
by Kevin Wada // Amanda Conner

Starting off with a double-header!  Wada's main cover for the book is again super-fun, and this time makes even shaving your legs seem exciting.  Conner's cover is a bit less inventive, but I love the cartooning on the face and the colorful portrayal of all She-Hulk's responsibilities coming at her.

The Saviors #3
by J Boone

This is a series I'm not really familiar with, but I absolutely love the design of this cover.  I love that there are a lot of layers and levels to it, yet it maintains a great cartooning style--this one's super cool.

  Iron Man #22
by Paul Rivoche

A debut for this page!  I like the coloring, and there's something very interesting to its composition and depth that caught my eye.

  Magneto #1
by Paolo Rivera // Skottie Young

Another twofer! Rivera's main cover, like many of his, is clever and incredibly striking, and I like that it almost has a bit of a film grain quality to it.  Meanwhile: Young continues to nail it with his hilarious and equally clever cover idea.  This is why variants are cool...sometimes.

  Lobster Johnson: Get Lobster #2
by Toni Zonjic

A returning favorite, the BPRD universe always gets great cover treatments.  I'm a sucker for noir covers, but throw in watercolor, great color choices, excellent composition and a pretty lady and I'm all in!

  Adventure Time Flip Side #3
by Sloane Leong

I realized I've been seriously neglecting the huge collection of Adventure Time variants that seems to come out on a ridiculously frequent basis by a ridiculously talented lineup of artists! This time Leong brings a cool level of texture and shading to Jake the Dog that I really dig.

  Moon Knight #1
by Adi Granov

I couldn't use the virgin cover without the barcode because I absolutely love the typography and how it works with the cover on this one.  Granov has such a smooth style that makes everything feel a bit velvety, and appropriately casts a dreamlike look on this new #1.

  Afterlife with Archie #4
by Francesco Francavilla

Did you really think I wasn't going to mention it?  Sooooo goooooood...

That's it for this week!  As always, let us know what you think on Twitter or Facebook! 
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