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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Best Covers of the Week, Vol. 10

New covers!  Make your checklist of which colorful and eye-catching covers you'll see at your comic book shop today!

100 Bullets: Brother Lono
By Dave Johnson

This cover brings in a lot of elements that I love: a pulp theme, Dia de Los Muertos skulls, and excellent typography design.  A striking cover for the final issue!

  Hawkeye #15
by David Aja

I hesitated to put this one on because I've seen it so many times at this point, but credit where credit's due: this is one of the cleverest covers on the shelf this week.  Love the classic Hawkeye xeroxed in, and the crossword play is fun and imaginative--how many instances of 'bro' can you find?

  The Wake #6
by Andrew Robinson

I remember reading that Morrison and Quitely picked yellow for the cover of Batman and Robin #1 because from a psychological/marketing standpoint it draws the eye to it.  Love the coloring here, but the layout and content make me so excited for the second half of this story.  It's violent and feels hot, which makes for a nice contrast to the cold, dark first half.

  Sex #11
by Piotr Kowalski

This color just pops unbelievably.  Love the tidbits of passionate moments converging on our hero's uncomfortable eyes, and the lettering on the title (which is unique to each issue) that just feels plump and a little dirty, like smeared lipstick.

The Massive #20
by John Paul Leon

I haven't read this since issue #6, and this uber-dense, sort of surreal cover makes me curious as to where the story went.  It reminds me a bit of Paul Pope in its level of detail and coloring.  This one I could stare at all day and find new, interesting bits every few minutes.

Dead Boy Detectives #3
by Mark Buckingham

A new record: 3 covers in a row to make the list!  This might be my favorite of this series' covers so far.  Great subtle watercolor shading, and a clever concept that makes for a very visually memorable cover.  Told you I liked skulls...

  The X-Files Conspiracy: Transformers #1
by Dheeraj Verma

Of all the properties crossing over the X-Files in the coming month, Transformers seemed the silliest, but this cover actually made me think again.  It's creepy and mysterious, and would draw me in without the big Transformers logo.  More of a Bigfoot kinda thing than a Michael Bay kinda thing.

That's it for this week!  Let us know your favorites on Twitter or Facebook
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