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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Best Covers of the Week, Vol. 8

Here's to hoping your LCBS stays open during the harsh winter weather this week so you can browse these great comic covers!

Fuse #1
by Justin Greenwood

I absolutely love the design and typography elements in this one, but knowing what the comic is about (a homicide detective in orbit) makes the concept of this cover absolutely brilliant.

 Fatale #20
by Sean Phillips

There's no question about it: Sean Phillips draws the most beautiful women in comics.  The delicate shading on the neck really caught my eye on this one.

Thor: God of Thunder #19.NOW
by Esad Ribic

So much going on here: the mysterious submarines and demon that divide the cosmic background from the earthbound foreground, while Roz (Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.) strikes a dramatic pose as she aims at Thor who looks so tense that when he turns around, there will be nothing left.  Great way to start a new arc.

Manifest Destiny #4
by Matthew Roberts, Owen Gieni

What a striking cover.  The empty space, the way all the curves and angles work together to create a fluidity of motion...plus it's Sacajawea tearing something to shreds, so it's got that going for it.

   She-Hulk #1
by Kevin Wada

Wada takes a classic Hulk concept, and puts it together in a clever way that is not only aesthetically beautiful, but really gets the character and the idea of this series across.  Concept, design, and color meeting at a point of perfection, this cover is bound to be a modern classic!

  Winter Soldier: Bitter March #1
by Andrew Robinson

A wonderful retro cover--you know I can't resist!  I love how the title works as part of the art, and the 60's oval overlays add a nice subtle layer.

  Marvel Knights: X-Men #4
by Brahm Revel

The use of negative space in this one is interesting, and the sketchy, impressionistic line and color combined with the strong sense of depth brought it to my attention.

 The Mercenary Sea #1
by Mathew Reynolds

Gorgeous art + excellent new title design = amazing cover.  The balance of elements and the story that's being told here is really intriguing, which is always important for a #1 issue!

  All-New X-Factor #3
by Jared K. Fletcher, Kris Anka

Insert shameless attempt at internet popularity above.

So that's it for this week!  What covers that come out on Wednesday are your favorites?  Let us know on Twitter or Facebook
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